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The Foundation has the following objectives:


1.To organize, to facilitate, to promote and to advance mutual legal exchange between:

(a) Judicial officers;

(b) legal practitioners;

(c) legal academics; and

(d) law graduates

from the Mainland China, Australia and the HKSAR.


2.To host or to participate in the Annual Mainland-Hong Kong- Macau-Taiwan Legal

Symposium led by the China Law Society;


3. To participate in the China Study Course hosted by Mainland government

institutions or Mainland universities designated for Hong Kong lawyers;

4. To organize accredited Continuous Professional Development courses for

Hong Kong solicitors;

5. To facilitate legal exchange with Hong Kong and the Mainland law

enforcement agencies.





1.  籌辦, 推動, 促進和加強內地, 澳洲和香港法官,律師,法律學者和法律畢業生相互



2. 主辦或協辦由中國法學會主導的內地與港澳台地區法律研討會;


3. 參與內地政府部門和大學專門為香港律師而設的國情研修課程;


4. 主辦香港律師執業所需的專業進修課程;


5. 推動, 促進和加強與香港及內地執法組織的法律交流.