YEAR 2017


【Current Affairs Magazine Interview】L Ma who loves both China and Australia has no objection to speak for Beijing ( Dec 2017)

【Current Affairs Magazine Interview】 Barrister L Ma: Hong Kongers Need Not be too Over-Overburdened by the National Anthem Law ( Dec 2017)

【Current Affairs Magazine Interview】National Anthem Law : Hong Kongers Need Not be Worried (Duowei Journal:1 Dec 2017)

【Social Activity】 Cocktail Reception of Formation of Alliance of Consultant Benedict Chiu’s Law Firm (Excelsior Hotel : 4 Dec 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Rioters’ Political Asylum Will Be Denied (Wenweipao A2 : 10 Dec 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Hiding out in London after absconded bail, Ray Wong will spread separatism (Taikungpao A1 : 10 Dec 2017)

【Radio Interview】Chinese Constitution and the Basic Law (Backchat RTHK3 : 12 Dec 2014)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Laws Needed for the Development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (HKGpao: 14 Dec 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Laws Needed for the Development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (HKGpao: 14 Dec 2017)

【Legal Forum】 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Legal Forum 2017 (City University:20 Dec 2017)

【Radio Interview】China’s Involvement in Australia (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 21 Dec 2017)

【CA Legal Exchange Foundation】 Notice of Change of Name (Press Release: 27 Dec 2017)

【電視訪問】人大一地兩檢決定 (Now TV : 時事全方位, 27 Dec 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Why the 12.27 NPCSC Decision conforms with Basic Law Art. 18 (Mingpao B8:29 Dec 2017)

【TV Interview】 Constitutionality of the Co-location Arrangement (RTHK3:The Pulse, 30 Dec 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Hong Kong may get to decide own penalties for disrespecting the national anthem (SCMP A1 : 1 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Pre-Visit Coverage (1 Nov 2017)

【2017一國兩制訪京團】 到京及會見全國人大常委兼中國法學會副會長張鳴起 (中國法學會:1 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】All China Association of Returned Overseas Chinese Luncheon with Vice Chairman Qiao Wei (Day 2 : 2 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 NPCSC Basic Law Committee Chairman Li Fei (Day 2 : 1 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 State Council, Hong Kong & Macau Office Deputy Director Huang Liuquan (Day 2 : 2 Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:The Viable Procedure to Legislate for the PRC National Anthem Law in Hong Kong (Wenweipo: A13, 3 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Supreme People’s Court Senior Vice President Shen Deyung SJ (SPC) (Day 3 : 3 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Official Luncheon Reception : Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies Vice Chairman Yang Guang (Day 3 : 3 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macao Studies Chairman Xu Ze (Day 3 : 3 Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma : Public Consultation of the National Anthem Law Unnecessary ( : 3 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution Deputy Curator Senior Colonel Huang Yibing (Day 4 : 4 Nov 2017)

【One Country Two Systems Legal Delegation 2017】 Military Museum of the Chinese People’s Revolution Deputy Curator Senior Colonel Huang Yibing (Day 4 : 4 Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma : SJ was not oppressing critics by seeking sentencing review (Wenweipao A7 : 8 Nov 2017)

【TV Interview】 How to Relieve Citizens’ Concern over National Anthem Law?(RTHK 左右紅藍綠 : 8 Nov 2017)

【Radio Interview】 Should we have Public Consultation over the National Emblem Law? (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 10 Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:The Objectives of Correctional Services Cannot be Distorted (Wenweipo: A12, 14 Nov 2017)

【Press Interview】Chinese companies risk legal minefield with ‘poor awareness of offshore bribery laws’ (SCMP: A6 22 Nov 2017)

【Social Activity】Hong Kong United Foundation 5th Anniversary (J W Marriott:26 Nov 2017)

【Legal Forum】Greater Bay Area Legal Forum (Guangzhou University: 25 Nov 2017)

【Media Interview】 L Ma:Separatists Will Only be Deterred by Law ( Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Dr Willy Fu: Catalonia’s Failure Independent Attempt a Lesson for Hong Kong (Wenweipao A13 : 29 Nov 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 SJ Should Appeal Against in Flag Desecration Case (Taikungpao A10 : 1 Oct 2017)

【Media Interview】 SJ should prosecute Separatists L Ma : A Test Case of Freedom of Expression (Silent Majority:2 Oct 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 The Rule of Law is not a Religious Faith : Benny Tai is Wrong (Wenweipao A12:5 Oct 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Leung and Yau Must Be Pursued To The End For Repayment (Wenweipao A9:7 Oct 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Football Fans booing National Anthem Should be Booked Now, says Basic Law Committee Member (Wenweipao A5:7 Oct 2017)

【TV Interview】National Anthem Law (RTHK : 頭條新聞, 13 Oct 2017)

【Radio Interview】 UK Conservative Party Human Right Commission Chief Denied Entry (RTHK3:Back chat, 16 Oct 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】SAR begins preparations for national anthem legislation (China Daily HK, A1 : 17 Oct 2017)

【Legal and Current Affairs Forum】 HKPSA:The Future of Hong Kong’s Legal and Judicial System (Hang Seng School of Management : 21 Oct 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Disagreement within Department of Justice on point of law not unusual (Wenweipao A9 : 1 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:「Co-Location」Good Arrangement (Wenweipo A16:1 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:New Sentences on Trio Legally Well-Grounded (China Daily HK ed A11 : 1 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Article】Court of Appeal Judgment sets precedent (Wenweipao A2 : 2 Sep 2017)

【Radio Interview】Independence posters at universities (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 8 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Edward Leung’s Movie on Hong Kong Independence (Wenweipao A13 : 11 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:The Belt And Road has good opportunity for Lawyers (Wenweipao A13: 14 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Margaret Ng condemned for preaching independence in Hong Kong University (Wenweipao A4:18 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma:Violence is no doubt Any Use of Force (Wenweipao A14:18 Sep 2017)

【2017 Basic Law Implementation Seminar】China Law Society Delegation Reception (Wanchai:18 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Chris Patten’s Attack on the Judiciary Undermined the Rule of Law (Wenweipao A3 : 20 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】OC Trio Correctly Charged, say Lawyers (Taikungpao A1 : 20 Sep 2017)

【Media Interview】Benny Tai Reneged on his promise to Plead Guilty ( Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Kacee Ting : Hong Kong Independence Activists are “ants inside a hot pan” ( Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Kacee Ting’s warning to Separatists: A young idler, an old beggar( Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 University Activists Could Ranks of Professionals Upon Conviction (Wenweipao A3 : 22 Sep 2017)

【Media Interview】L Ma: Chris Patten’s Malicious Attack on Our Rule of Law ( Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Oppositions Hardly Served Community Service Order in Full (Wenweipao A3 : 22 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma:Rebutting Separatism Consistent With One Country Two Systems (Silent Majority:29 Sep 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 SJ Should Appeal Against Sentence in Flag Defiling Case (Wenweipao A4:30 Sep 2017)

【Radio Interview】Law Enforcement by Mainland Officials in West Kowloon Espress Rail Terminal (自由風自由phone : RTHK, 10 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Legal Sector:「Co-location」is both beneficial and constitutional (Takungpao:15 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】6 Months Jail for Misleading Police (Wenweipao A2 : 16 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma:Co-location is not Cession of territory (Dot Dot News:16 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:BRICS Join Force to Safeguard Global Peace (Wenweipo A16:18 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Kacee Ting : The Audit Commission Should Investigate RTHK ( Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Cardinal Zen’s Unfounded and Bias Criticism of the Judiciary (Wenweipao A8 : 28 Aug 2017)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Application of Leave to Appeal Refused for Oath Taking Case ( Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Exaggeration of the new National Anthem Law (Wenweipao A5 : 30 Aug 2017)

【TV Interview】Court of Appeal Judgment on Joshua Wong (RTHK 視點31 : 30 Aug 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】SJ correct in seeking sentencing review in the Court of Appeal (Taikungpao A10 : 31 Aug 2017)

【Honours and Award】Senior Consultant Prof Gu MinKang appointed Justice of the Peace (HKSAR Government:1 Jul 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Legal Sector on President Xi Speech (Wenweipao A5 : 2 Jul 2017)

【Social Activity】20th Anniversary of the Commissioner Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the HKSAR (Kennedy Road 42 : 2Jul 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Zero Tolerance of Hong Kong Independence (Wenweipao A18 : 4 Jul 2017)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Central Government’s Power of Overall Supervision on HK Affairs (2017) 37(28) Yazhou Zhoukan 33

【Newspaper Interview】More Oath Talking Cases Coming (Wenweipao A5 : 15 Jul 2017)

【中澳法學交流基金會】 馬恩國:宣誓案判決 凸顯人大釋法的權威性和有效性 (文匯報 A11 : 15 Jul 2017)

【Honours and Award】Senior Consultant Dr. Helen Sham Ho : Lifetime Community Service Award (Sing Tao Daily Aust Edition : 21 July 2017)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Express Rail Link is not to cede Hong Kong Land over to the Mainland ( Jul 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:NPCSC Interpretation Compatible with the Rule of law (SCMP A6:Focus, 1 Jun 2017)

【Radio Interview】1967 Riot Conviction Revisit (RTHK:Public Affairs Unit, 1 Jun 2017)

【Social Activity】Hong Kong United Foundation:I Have A Meeting With CY (HK Scout Centre:11 Jun 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Pro-Establishment Camp condemns the Ganging up of Hong Kong and Taiwan Independence Activists ( Jun 2017)

【Radio Interview】Beijing’s comments on One Country Two Systems (RTHK3 Backchat : 20 Jun 2017)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting : Article 23 Legislation to Condemn the Ganging up of the HK-Taiwan Independence Activists (Wenweipo A15: 23 Jun 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:A New Law to Curb Vilification of the National Anthem (Wenweipo A15 : 27 Jun 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Gross Breach of Natural Justice – Kenneth Leung Should Resign (Mingpao A27:23 May 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Proposed New Law Protects Police from Humiliation (Wenweipao A14: 25 May 2017)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin : Hong Kong is better than many other countries ( : 27 May 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers:NPC is Empowered to Return Repugnant HK Laws (Wenweipao A6 : 29 May 2017)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Opposition Wasted Time in Futile Impeachment Process ( May 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】Reporting in Legal Journal (Chinese Judicial Studies Association, 31 May 2017)

【Radio Interview】Pardoning Occupy Central Activists (RTHK3 : Backchat Radio, 19 Apr 2017)

【Newspapers Interview】L Ma:CE Pardon Might Eventually Catalyze Protests ( Apr 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】Opening Ceremony (HKCEC N201, 21 Apr 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】National Security and the Basic Law : How to mend the Split in our Community by Law? (Session 1, 21 Apr 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】(Official Luncheon Reception, 21 Apr 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】How Administrative Governance Should Advance to the Next Era ? (Session 2, 21 Apr 2017)

【HKSAR 20th Anniversary Forum on Law and Politics】How Economic Development Should Advance to the Next Era ? (Session 3, 21 Apr 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】SJ correct in charging Leung and Yau (Taikungpao A1, 27 Apr 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Barrister:Up to 5 years imprisonment for unlawful assembly (Taikungpao A2, 28 Apr 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : Sentence on the 7-Policemen Manifestly Excessive (Mingpao : A25, 1 Mar 2017)

【Official Visit】State Council Hong Kong Macau Office China Law Society Chinese Judicial Studies Association (China:Beijing, 3 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Judge Woo’s Basic Law Article 22 Legislation will be Returned and Invalidated by the NPCSC ( 3 Mar 2017)

【TV Interview】Candlelight vigil held to support jailed Hong Kong police officers (CGTN:5 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : Case against nine ‘Occupy’ leaders is a weighty one (China Daily HK Ed, 7:6 Mar 2017)

【Media Interview】Law against Insulting Police – L Ma:Fine for first timers and jail term for serious or repeated offenders ( : 10 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Could Hong Kong make it a crime to insult police? (SCMP : 14 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Occupy Central Participants now pay the price (Taikungpao A1:29 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Breach of Injunction Deserves a hefty sentence (Wenweipao A3 : 31 Mar 2017)

【Current Affairs Forum】Dialogue with Goethe Universtat Post graduates on China and Hong Kong Politics (HKU : 31 Mar 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Reinforcing Chinese History Education to Promote Chinese Culture (Wenweipao:A12 2 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Strengthening Linguistic Ability more important than Liberal Studies (Wenweipao A11: 11 Feb 2017)

【Radio Interview】Role of Liaison Office in the CE Election (RTHK3 Backchat : 14 Feb 2017)

【Social Gathering】2017 New Year Luncheon (Empire City HuaiYang : Wanchai, 17 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】 Occupying Central with Violence : Protesters Totally Disregarded the Law ( Feb 2017)

【Television Interview】 Is HK 7-policemen’s Sentence too Heavy? (China Global Television Network: The Point with Lin Xin, 20 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Sentence Manifestly Excessive : CE Should Pardon the 7-Policemen ( : 21 Feb 2017)

【Television Interview】 Controversial Verdict for 7 Policemen (China Global Television Network: Dialogue with Yang Rui, 21 Feb 2017)

【T.v. Interview】7-Policemen’s Sentence Manifestly Excessive (RTHK TV : 左右紅藍綠, 24 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma : Judge Dufton Erred in Manifestly Excessive Sentence on the 7-Policemen (, 25 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma : Judge Dutton Erred in Sentencing the 7-Policemen (Mingpao : HK News, 26 Feb 2017)

【Current Affairs Forum】Resolve Tensions between police and community ?(RTHK : City Forum, 26 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】Netizens Support What Lawrence Ma Said (, 26 Feb 2017)

【Current Affairs Forum】 Resolve Tensions between police and community ?(RTHK : City Forum, 26 Feb 2017)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma: Sentencing of Police Officers is Excessive (China Daily HK Ed : A8, 27 Feb 2017)

【Current Affairs Forum】Consolidating Hong Kong:(Protect HK Campaign : Tamar, 1 Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】President Xi’s New Year Speech Digest (Wenweipao A3 : 2 Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Donations to Youngspiration may be regarded as asset of the ‘bankrupted’ legislators ( : 4 Jan 2017)

【Current Affairs Forum】Barry Chin:Judicial Review of Legislative Councillors (Defend Hong Kong Campaign:17 Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】CE Policy Address – HK to build an Asia Pacific Legal Centre is the best choice, says L Ma (Orange News:18 Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Interview】U.S. Senator’s Human Rights Act of Hong Kong a Blatant Mistake (Wenweipao A8 : 20 Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 L Ma: Policy Address correctly positioning HK as Asia-Pacific Legal Centre ( Jan 2017)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Donald Trump’s Patriotism Commendable ( 20 January 2017)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen:Abandon “Localism” to Seize Development Opportunity (Wenweipao A13 : 24 Jan 2017)