YEAR 2016


【Official Visit】China Law Society (Beijing:1 Dec 2016)

【Official Visit】Chinese Judicial Studies Association (Beijing:1 Dec 2016)

【【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Ignorance to Legal Reality Backfired (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A4:6 Dec 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Disqualified LegCo Members Failed to Test China’s Bottom Line (Singtwo Daily A15:7 Dec 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Let’s Come Home!Strayed People ( 12 Dec 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Disqualified LegCo Members Staging a Hopeless Appeal to Dodge Payment (Taikungpao A2 : 20 Dec 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Benny Tai Deliberately Breaks the Law (wenweipo A11 : 28 Dec 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:World Leaders Do Make Changes (, 1 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:The Racist Duo Might Trigger the Enactment of Article 23 Laws ( Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:”Hong Kong Independence” is Impossible! (, 1 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers : NPCSC Interpretation Aims to Address Issues and Not to Target Specific Individuals (Wenweipo A2 : 2 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:NPCSC Interpretation Inevitable (, 2 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 NPCSC Interpretation may Ban Irregular Oath : Brewing Another Legal Controversy (E Magazine :3 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Rights and Responsibility of the NPCSC to Interpret the Basic Law ( Nov 2016)

【Radio Interview】Interpretation of Basic Law and Controversies Surrounding Oath-taking (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 4 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma:NPCSC Interpretation will be swift and specific, not budging an Inch ( Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers:Upholding the Basic Law and Swearing Allegiance to the SAR is the Bare Minimum for any Public Officer (Wenweipao A3 : 6 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Opposition’s Nonsense against NPCSC Interpretation Busted (Wenweipao A4 : 7 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin : NPCSC Interpretation Clarifies the Law and Blocks Out the Unwanted ( : 7 Nov 2016)

【Press Conference】NPCSC Interpretation Upholds the Rule of Law (8 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Court May Held Against Those Who Run Foul At Oath-Taking After NPCSC Interpretation (Wenweipao A3 : 16 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma:Judgment of HK High Court Correct, Determined and Precise ( Nov 2016)

【Current Affairs Programme】Can an NPCSC Interpretation Put a Stop to HK Independence ? (i cable t.v. : Sunday有理講, 13 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin : Pro-establishment abided by Law whereas Pan-Democrats used Politics as Excuse to Breach it ( : 17 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 L Ma:Court Legally Correct and Racist Oath Takers Appeal Should Fail (Mingpao A29 : 17 Nov 2016)

Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting: Impartiality and Incorruptability are HK Core Values (2016) 11 Kinliu Magazine 043

【Radio Interview】Disqualified Lawmakers’ Plan to Appeal (RTHK3 Backchat : 18 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Legislation Required to Ban Independent Speech (Taikungpao A2 : 22 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Lawyers:No sovereign right of Taiwan, a Non-State (Wenweipao A3 : 23 Nov 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : NPCSC Interpretation acts like pre-1997 Privy Council (China Daily HK Ed A9 : 25 Nov 2016)

【【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:The Racist Duo Ended Up in Tremendous Debts After the Oath Taking Fiasco (Wenweipao A16 : 28 Nov 2016)

【Consultant Appointment】Senior Consultant : The Hon Dr Priscilla Leung SBS, JP (5 Oct 2016)

【Radio Interview】Joshua Wong being detained in Thailand (RTHK3 Backchat : 7 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 First Conviction of Mongkok Rioter – Judge : A Total Disregard of the Law ( Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】9 Months Jail for Assault on Police Officers and Resisting Arrest a Fair Sentence for the Mongkok Rioters, says Lawyers (Taikungpao A2 : 7 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Talents will be spotted only if one knows how to seek them out ( 7 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Lawyers : Oath not taken properly can be ruled invalid (TaikungpaoA2 : 11 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Ugly Hong Kongers overwhelm “One Country” by “Two Systems” (Singtao A14 : 11 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:First Privacy Law Prosecution against Media Withdrawn ( Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 No Legal Rule to Compel Proper Swearing of Oath of Allegiance ( Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:「Civic Passion」got heavy sentence for the Mongkok Riot (WenweipaoA16:13 Oct 2016)

【Press Release】Condemnation Announcement ( :14 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Barristers: Oath of “Independence” may result in being disqualified (Taikungpao A1 : 16 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Two Legislative Councillors-elected Vilified the Chinese Race (Singtao Daily A10:16 Oct 2016)

【TV Interview】L Ma:Is it illegal for Legislative Councillor-elected to Racially Vilify the Chinese Race in their Oath Taking? (RTHK TV:17 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:I am Chinese ( 17 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Difficult to Strip Off Oath Fouling Members their Legco Seats ( Oct 2016)

【TV Interview】Judicial Review Sought by the CE to Bar Retaking of Oath (RTHK 視點31 : 18 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Legco Has No Power to Allow Retaking of Oath (WenweipaoA2 : 19 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Making Use of Negative Examples in Patriotism Teaching (, 19 Oct 2016)

【Radio Interview】Judicial Review and Controversies on Legco’s Oath-taking (RTHK3 Backchat : 20 Oct 2016)

【Newspapers Article】Barry Chin:President Andrew Leung Allowed Racial Vilification of the Chinese to Save Himself From Criticism ( : 21 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Barry Chin:Judge will Rule on Whether Youngspiration Legco Councillors’ Oath were Valid ( Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Gov’t Rightly Sought Judicial Review to Challenge Oath Re-taking Wrongly Allowed by LegCo President (Wenweipao A9:22 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Current Affairs Duo – L Ma : CE, being Head of the SAR, is above the 3 Powers ( : 24 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Offensive conduct by 2 lawmakers-elect illegal (China Daily HK Page 10 : 24 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:A Bumpy Road for the New President of the Legislative Council (, 24 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers:President of Legco Has No Power to Retake Oath (Wenweipao A1 : 26 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Legislative Councillor-elect Not Formal Legco Member Yet Until Proper Swearing In (Wenweipao A2 : 26 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Hong Kong is Fed up With Opposition’s Contempt of LegCo (Wenweipao A14:27 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:The Hypocritical Pan-Democrats Heralded The Two Racists to Break into the Legco Chambers ( : 27 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Opposition Camp Wrongly Defended Those Who Vilified the Chinese Race (Wenweipao A11:29 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Photo proves Legislative Councillor-elect a Racist (Taikungpao A3 : 31 Oct 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Lawyer-Legislative Councillors in Opposition Should Know the Law Requires Proper Oath Taking ( : 31 Oct 2016)

【Web TV Interview】L Ma:Lau Siu-lai Wanted the CE to be Cooperative in a Constitutional Crisis in order to Advocate Hong Kong Independence ( Oct 2016)

Press Interview】100Mao published election advertisement falsifying claim of support ( : 2 Sep 2016)

【Press Interview】 Concerted Abandonment of Candidature is Conspiracy to Defraud ( Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】HK National Party’s False Declaration susceptible to 2 yr Imprisonment (Taikungpao A3 : 3 Sep 2016)

【Official Appointment】Executive Council Chairman L Ma appointed Director of Chinese Judicial Studies Association (2016 Annual Summit, Chongqing:8 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Pan-Democrats Laid the Foundation for Separatism to Ruin Hong Kong ( Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Lawyers, please improve our Legco by quality speeches!( : 10 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Five-Star Red Flags are fluttering in the wind ( : 13 September 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Court Maintained Light Sentence on Joshua Wong (Wenweipao A11 : 22 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers Questioned Manifestly Inadequate Sentence of Joshua Wong (Taikungpao A5 : 23 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Conniving with Foreign Power to Separate HK will be Fruitless (Wenweipao A12 :24 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : Lawyers tend to be good legislators (China Daily HK Page 9:26 Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:”Students, Knowledge is Powerful!” ( Sep 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】 Contractor sentenced to 35 months over bid rigging (China Daily HK p 3:30 Sep 2016)

【Media Interview】L Ma: Threatening the Politically Neutral Election Officer is a Crime ( : 2 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : Judicial Review By Separatists Will Fail (1) (Mingpao A31:5 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:HK Separatists will not be aided by Foreign Countries (Taikungpao A12: 9 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Indigenous’ Gathering in MK Advocates HK Independence (Taikungpao A1 : 12 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:HKU Undergrad guilty of national flag desecration (Singtao Daily A16 : 13 Aug 2016)

【Radio Interview】Alan Hu SC urged the Secretary For Justice to declare HK Separatists Unlawful (dbc Radio : 18 Aug 2016)

【Radio Interview】Legality of Independence (Backchat Radio, RTHK3 : 26 Aug 2016)

【Current Affairs Forum】Speaking against HK Independence (Caring HK Power:28 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Dishonest Signing Declaration of Allegiance is Illegal and Ineffective (Singtao Daily A19:30 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma : Nomination Tainted with Dishonesty should be Invalidated (Wenweipao A2 : 31 Aug 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : Proactive fiscal policy is needed to redress unchecked capitalism (China Daily HK A8 : 5 July 2016)

【Newspapers Article】Barry Chin:Bookseller Lam Wing-kei got his reputation ruined by the Pan-Democrats (Taikungpao A12 : 7 Jul 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Is Criminal Prosecution of Independence Movement Constitutional? (二) (Mingpao A41:8 July 2016)

【Press Conference】South China Sea is a sovereignty dispute (11 July 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】HK Legal Fraternity:South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal Lacked Jurisdiction on Sovereignty (Wenweipao A7 : 13 July 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】HK Legal Fraternity:South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal Lacked Jurisdiction on Sovereignty (Taikungpao A4 : 13 July 2016)

【Newspaper Article】China may refuse to implement South China Sea Arbitral Tribunal Award (WenweipaoA16 : 13 July 2016)

【報章文章】中國不承認仲裁判決無可厚非 (文匯報A16 : 13 July 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting : No society can afford to be lenient when there is violence or breach of the peace (China Daily HK Ed A6 : 14 July 2016)

【政府勳銜】高級顧問 簡松年律師 SBS BBS JP 榮獲銀紫荊星章 (14 July 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Prosecution of Separatists possible once Declaration of allegiance signed ( : 15 July 2016)

【Newspapers Article】Barry Chin:The Meaning of “Offensive Article” is a factual question (Singtao Daily A10: 17 July 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】Kacee Ting:Legco Election Allegiance Confirmation Valid in Law ( July 2016)

【Press Conference】ICJ to Advise on the Invalidity of the SCS Arbitral Award (20 July 2016)

【Current Affairs Forum】Sign Confirmation Form or Be Disqualified (City Forum:24 July 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin : Confirmation of Allegiance is a Reasonable Way to Stop Separatists from being Nominated (Wenweipao A14 : 29 July 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Allegiance Confirmation Form a Common Practice (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A2 : 30 July 2016)

【Current Affairs Forum】Hong Kong United Foundation: Hong Kong Economic Development’s Opportunity and Threat (Conrad Hotel : 30 July 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting : A price to pay for insulting utterance in court (Wenweipao A12 : 6 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin : HK Independence is Highly Improbable (Singtao Daily A14 : 7 June 2016)

【Web Article】L Ma:The Belt & Road Initiative and Hong Kong Independence Movement (, Orange News,, : 3 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting: Burning articles outside the Liaison Office despite warning amounted to Obstruction of Police Officers in line of duty (Wenweipo A10:14 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Foreign Minister is right in rebutting the bias Canadian Reporter (Singtao Daily A12:14 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:The Story Behind Foreign Minister’s Blasting on the Canadian Reporter (Taikungpao A12 : 13 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting: Abuse of Judicial Review Process Unacceptable (Wenweipo A17:17 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma : HK could find a new economic lifeline in B&R (China Daily A10 : 21 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Leung KH rightly charged for corruption (Taikungpao A17: 27 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting: Extreme Localism endangers Hong Kong (Wenweipao A17:28 June 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Lee Cheuk-yan was Wrong about Government Responsibility (Singtao Daily A10: 1 May 2016)

【TV Programme】Do HongKongers identify themselves as Chinese?(i cable : Sunday 有理講·市民議堂, 8 May 2016)

【Online Article】Barry Chin:Do Not Politicize a Secondary School ( : 12 May 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Patriotism Education will eradicate HK Independence Thoughts (Wenweipao A13:13 May 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Lawrence Ma:Is Criminal Prosecution of Independence Movement Constitutional?(1) (Ming pao A28 : 13 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(Chinese Association of Hong Kong & Macao Studies:18 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Beijing Committee:19 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(China Law Society:19 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(Supreme People’s Court:20 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(Hong Kong & Macao Office, State Council:20 May 2016)

【TV News】馮巍指一地兩檢一定符合基本法 (i cable : Friday 即時新聞, 20 May 2016)

【TV News】一帶一路訪京團成員晤傳媒(現場) (i cable : Friday 即時新聞, 20 May 2016)

【The Belt & Road Legal Delegation 2016】(Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, NPCSC:21 May 2016)

【TV News】馬引張指中央處理港獨要槍有槍 (i cable : Saturday 即時新聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】譚指無聽聞全體議員將訪深圳 (i cable : Saturday 即時新聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】馬恩國引述張榮順 指港無獨立實力 (TVB News : Saturday 港聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】【電視新聞】法學代表晤張榮順 馬恩國指有討論港獨問題 (TVB News : Saturday 港聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】何秀蘭批馬恩國說法 指言論對香港是恐嚇 (TVB News : Saturday 港聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】譚惠珠率團晤張榮順 指無討論特首連任問題 (TVB News : Saturday 港聞, 21 May 2016)

【TV News】譚惠珠指張榮順談港獨 是用法律和輿論解決 (TVB News : Sunday 港聞, 22 May 2016)

【TV News】譚稱張榮順非指用槍炮解決港獨 (i cable : Sunday 即時新聞, 22 May 2016)

【Radio Interview】Legal status of pro-independence party (RTHK3 Backchat : 1 Apr 2016)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Independence impossible under International Law (RTHK TV : 左右紅藍綠, 5 Apr 2016)

【Online Article】Christopher Wong:Hong Kong should be driven by economy, not politics ( Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Students living off the system now undermine it by demanding HK Independence (Taikungpao A12: 6 Apr 2016)

【Magazine Interview】ATV and Broadcasting Supervision (East Weekly Issue 658, 6 Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Hong Kong Independence is an impossibility under International Law (Wenweipao A13 : 7 Apr 2016)

【Radio Interview】Beijing’s reaction on HK Independence (RTHK3 Backchat : 12 Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:「15 April National Security Day」and Hong Kong (Wenweipao A14:15 Apr 2016)

【TV Interview】Is Hong Kong Independence Illegal?(RTHK TV, 視點31 : 19 Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Political Swindlers capitalised on the Prof Alfred Chan affairs (Singtao Daily A14: 25 Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:National Security Legislation needed to deal with the current legal deficiency ( Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Rights Activist Judge Bokhary wrong on Freedom Of Expression (Mingpao Daily:29 Apr 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Christopher Wong:Is that really Hong Kong Universities have no academic freedom and institutional independence? ( : 1 Mar 2016)

【Radio Interview】Latest on Lee Bo case : Should we have extradition arrangement between the Mainland and HK? (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 2 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Patten tried to foul smooth transition of sovereignty for Hong Kong (Letter to the Editor : SCMP, 3 Mar 2016)

【Newspapers Article】Barry Chin:Should Bail be granted to Ray Wong? (Taikungpao A10 : 3 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Hong Kong Courts are Neutral ( Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】The High Court is correct in Deterrence Sentencing on Violent Crime (Wenweipao A10 : 10 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:”Public Justice” is not a defence to crime of violence (Wenweipao A17:10 March 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Political Charlatans swindled to get publicity (Wenweipao A17 : 12 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Lawrence Ma : The last governor is taking hypocrisy to whole new level (China Daily A10 : Opinion, 15 March 2016)

【Current Affairs Forum】Hong Kong Independence Discussion (City Forum:20 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Christopher Wong:Is it a Crime to incite Independence? ( : 21 Mar 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Independent Hong Kong a non starter (Letters to the Editors : SCMP, 27 March 2016)

【Newspaper Article】”HK Independence” is simply a fantasy (Opinion : China Daily, 29 March 2016)

【Online Article】Christopher Wong:Judicial Review ( March 2016)

【Television Interview】Legal Academic says Independence movement is not illegal unless violence involved (i Cable News : 31 March 2016)

【Announcement】Condemnation of Yesterday’s Riot in MK (9 Feb 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma:Directing or inciting a Riot is also participation in the Riot (Wenweipao A6 : 11 Feb 2016)

【Newspapers Article】Barry Chin:HKU Students boycotting lectures to coerce the government ruin their University (Singtao Daily A19 : 11 Feb 2016)

【TV Interview】Wide Community Support for the Police (CCTV News:13 Feb 2016)

【Newspaper Article】Christopher Wong : Over Tolerance engenders Mischief ( : 16 Feb 2016)

【Newspaper Interview】T C Tam’s Threat ( : 16 Feb 2016)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:The Judiciary is not politicised, M K Rioters will be punished according to Law (Wenweipao A12 : 18 Feb 2016)

【Radio Interview】Reactions to MongKok Riot : Anti Mask Law and Independent Enquiry (RTHK3 Backchat Radio, 18 Feb 2016)

【Academic Forum】Chinese Association of