YEAR 2015


【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Teenagers in politics – Are they ready? (Wenweipao A17 : 2 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Teenagers in politics – Are they ready? (Taikungpao A14 : 2 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Judicial Review is now a Political Tool (Taikungpao A2 : 4 Dec 2015)

【TV Interview】Abuse of Judicial Review (左右紅藍綠:RTHK TV:4 Dec 2015)

【Radio Interview】Former Judge Henry Litton’s Comments on the State of Law (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 4 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Legal Aid Ordinance should be amended to tighten frivolous Judicial Review (Wenweipao A14 : 7 Dec 2015)

【Official Dinner】Business and Professional Alliance 3rd Anniversary Gala Dinner (Mira TST : 7 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Judges should assess legal aid application for JR cases, says Ma ( : 8 Dec 2015)

【Radio Interview】Dual Inspections at Port : Government might allow Mainland Laws to apply
(dbc 主場:dbc Radio, 10 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting: “Co-location” arrangement at the West Kowloon Terminus Constitutional and Practicable
(Wenwenpao A15 : 12 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Is Yvonne Leung’s Judicial Review genuine or just a political show? (Singtao Daily A16 : 13 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Judicial Review has already a high threshold (Am730 A1:15 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Customs set to investigate ‘misleading’ online airfares (China Daily HK ed : 16 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Pan-Democrats Misconstrued Confidentiality Agreement ( Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Legislator guilty of Misconduct in Public Office by Embezzlement of Bank Interest, says Lawrence Ma (Wenweipao A2 : 18 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Lawrence Ma:Lee Cheuk-yan & Leung Kwok Hung guilty of Misconduct in Public Office (Wenweipao A17 : 18 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Lawrence Ma:Lee Cheuk-yan & Leung Kwok Hung guilty of Misconduct in Public Office (Wenweipao A17 : 18 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Embezzlement of interest on donation, Lee Cheuk-yan is guilty (Wenweipao A4 : 20 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Lee Cheuk-yan still a corruption suspect, says Lawyers (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A13 : 22 Dec 2015)

【Magazine Interview】Lawrence Ma urges judges to assess Legal Aid Applications to prevent abuse (Kinliu Magazine: Dec 2015)

【Wedding Celebration】Executive Councillor Mr Christopher Wong and Mrs Eleanor Wong (Sheraton Hotel : 24 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:HKU Students challenge HKU by way of Judicial Review of its decision (, 28 Dec 2015)

【Official Appointment】Executive Councillor Barry Chin appointed IPCC Member (31 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Many are now fakes, when compared with the genuine democrat Elsie Tu (, 31 Dec 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:HKU Council meeting leakage endangers HK (TaikungpaoA10 : 2 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Electors reported on Candidate’s Treat (TaikungpaoA8 : 5 Nov 2015)

【Official Reception】”The Belt & Road” Legal Conference · Gala Dinner (9 Nov 2015)

【Official Reception】”The Belt & Road” Legal Conference Gala Dinner : CTS Wenweipao (10 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Recording of the HKU Council emerge in Taiwan (China Daily HK ed A5, 11 Nov 2015)

【Newspapers Interview】District Council Election Candidate involved in offering advantages (TaikungpaoA3 : 11 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Devious Oppositions support HKU Leakage (Taikungpao A10:12 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin:HKU is the Biggest Loser in this Secrecy Leakage (Wenweipo A19 : 12 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Election tainted with irregularities void, says Barrister (Wenweipao A2 : 13 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Legislator failed to disclose asset might be charged for false declaration, says Barrister (Taikungpao A21 : 13 Nov 2015)

【Sports Event】David Ho:The 6th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Lawyers Game : Bowling Gold Award) (15 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】 Emily Lau denigrating HK in the UN ( Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin:HKU is the Biggest Loser in this Secrecy Leakage (Singtao News A16 : 18 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Access to Computer with Criminal or Dishonest Intent may be Jailed for Five Years (Taikungpao A1 : 19 Nov 2015)

【Official Reception】”The Belt & Road” Legal Conference Gala Dinner : Taikungpao B17 (19 Nov 2015)

【Radio Interview】Mainlandization (RTHK3 Backchat:19 Nov 2015)

【Internet Article】Claudia Mo Misinterpreted the Basic Law in her Motion to curb “Mainlandization” ( silent majority:20 Nov 2015)

【Electioneering】2015 District Council Election : Senior Consultant Dr Hon Priscilla Leung SBS JP (Whampoa : 22 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Perfectly Right for the Central Government to continuously support CY Leung’s Work (Taikungpao A11:23 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin:Jealous Hong Kong Political Commentator (Singtao News A22 : 24 Nov 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Incitement to harass is a criminal offence (WenweipaoA4 : 4 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】University Vice Chancellor appointment has no public interest concern (WenweipaoA4 : 4 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Healing the wounds (China Daily HK ed A7, 5 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Billy Fung’s incredibility is worst than his Negligence (Singtao A18 : 8 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Serving Food and Drinks at Election Campaign Illegal, says Lawrence Ma (WenweipoA2 : 14 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Charging Tsang is not a showcase, says Barrister (TaikungpaoA3 : 16 Oct 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyer: Covert Recording may get 5 years jail (TaikungpaoA1 : 29 Oct 2015)

【Radio interview】Zhang Xiao Ming’s remarks on separation of powers (RTHK3 Backchat : 15 Sep 2015)

【Radio Interview】《Dbc主場》Director Zhang sought to remind Legislators to be cooperative with the Executive, says Lawrence Ma (Dbc Radio : 17 Sept 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Independentist laser-beamed PLA HQ (HKGpao : 18 Sep 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Occupy Central Annual Review : Irreparable Damage to the Rule of Law (Taikungpao A5 : 21 Sep 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Occupying Central First Anniversary : Lawrence Ma vs Kevin Yam (MingpaoA4 : 28 Sep 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Occupying Central Anniversary – L Ma:Organiser liable for many serious offences (Wenweipo A5 : 29 Sep 2015)

【People’s Republic of China 66th National Day State Banquet】(Great Hall, Beijing:29 Sep 2015)

【Official Visit】Meeting with NPCSC Member, Vice Director NPCSC Legal Affairs Commission, Vice Chairman China Law Society Mr Zhang Mingqi (China Law Society, Beijing:30 Sep 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】HKU Council rejects Chan for university position (China Daily Asia : 30 Sep 2015)

【Press Conference】Judge Intimidators Should Be Prosecuted (3 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Legislator K H Leung fined $3,000 for Assault (Taikungpao : 8 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Signature for “Saving Our Children from Political Infiltration at School”
(Wenweipao A5 : 9 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】A Democrat Throwing Bottled Water at the CE was condemned (Wenweipao A12 : 15 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】”Secret Political Donation” to HKU, thorough investigation urged (Wenweipao A7 : 17 Aug 2015)

【Official Visit】Delegates Visited Hon CY Leung, Chief Executive, HKSAR (CE Office, Tamar:20 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】HKU President Mathieson lenient on “Secret Political Donation” (Wenweipo A2 : 27 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Johannes Chan should be severely punished for Occupying Central (Taikungpao A1 : 27 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Limitation Period Does Not Apply in Criminal Prosecution, says Barrister (Taikungpao A4 : 28 Aug 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin, “Both Scholarism and HKFS should have the guts to admit guilt” (Taikungpao A11:31 Aug 2015)

【Online Article】L Ma:New National Security Law, Criminals Beware!
(HKGpao,, 時聞香港, 中國心志願軍 : 2 July 2015)

【Radio Interview】Mainland China’s New National Security Law (Backchat Radio: RTHK3, 3 July 2015)

【Tv Interview】Political Donation:
Barrister should not act if she is a witness or co-accused in the same case with the client (, 4 July 2015)

【Legal Conference】”One Belt One Road” International Forum (HKCEC : 24 July 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】University students’ violence is false imprisonment (Taikungpao A2 : 30 July 2015)

【Rolling News】Celebration – Beijing Hosting Winter Olympics 2022 (Taikungpao : 31 July 2015 5.58pm)

【Online Article】Barry Chin: Legislator couldn’t get credit for helping illegal entrants under our tight immigration law (, 2 June 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】K L Chu, “Being Nasty would not resolve our dilemma” (Metro Daily : 4 June 2015)

【Online Article】Barry Chin: Article denigrating ‘Leftist Schools’ is defamatory (, 4 June 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Appeal against Dismissal of Political Reform Judicial Review groundless, Lawrence Ma (TaikungpaoA3:6 June 2015)

【Online Article】Barry Chin: Politicians’ blasting the Chief Executive over the Aged People’s Home saga outrageous (, 9 June 2015)

【Online Article】Pan Democrats need to vote for the Political Reform Bill to qualify Chief Executive candidacy (, 12 June 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Statement of State Council HMO Director Wang received public support, Pan-Democrats should unwind their vote entrenchment (TaikungpaoA2 : 17 June 2015)

【2017 Political Reform】The Legal Sector urges voting for the Reform Pact (TaikungpaoA4 : 17 June 2015)

【Radio Interview】Legco’s vote on the Political Reform (Backchat Radio: RTHK3, 18 June 2015)

【Executive Council Meeting】3 of 2015 (The Chariot Club : 19 June 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition misused legal proceedings to lambaste the validly elected CE (WenweipaoA2 : 22 June 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Civic Party vetoed Political Reform Package and Hong Kongers will have no universal suffrage “for life” (TaikungpaoA8 : 27 June 2015)

【Online article】L Ma:Self Determination of China’s political system, “Democracy Puppets” Ruin Us! (HKGpao,, 時聞香港, 中國心 志願軍 : 30 June 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】National Security Law mentioned Hong Kong twice shows the Central Government’s highly concerned, says Lawrence Ma (HKGpao : 8 May 2015)

【Radio Interview】Lawrence Ma:The National Security Law has to be enlisted into Basic Law Annex 3 to be applicable
(Dbc Radio, 8 May 2015)

【Online Article】“Is the pan democrats’ voting against public opinion illegal?” (HKGpao, 10 May 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawrence Ma: Illegal to build a hut outside the parliament! (HKGpao, 11 May 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawrence Ma: Wan Chin is the “Father of Hong Kong Independence” (Apple Daily : 12 May 2015)

【TV Current Affairs Programme】The “New” National Security Law (RTHK31:Vision31 : 12 May 2015)

【2017 Political Reform Seminar】Will we have Universal Suffrage in 2017? (Asia Pacific Law Association: 13 May 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Singtao has a strong case against intruders, says Lawyers (HKGpao, 18 May 2015)

【2017 Political Reform Seminar】Zhang Yung Shun, Vice Director, Basic Law Committee of the NPCSC (Bauhinia Villa : 19 May 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Incitement to kill police is life imprisonment (TaikungpaoA1:26 May 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Public criticises Wan Chin’s collaboration with 「Taiwan Independence」 (Taikungpao A4:27 May 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】China Law Society (1 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Supreme People’s Court (2 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Supreme People’s Court, news section (2 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, National People’s Congress Standing Committee
(2 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office, State Council (3 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Follow-up Interviews: Dbc Radio : Morning Current Affairs Programme (7 Apr 2015)

【Rule of Law Delegation 2015】Follow-up Interviews (8 Apr 2015)

【Official Visit】Our senior consultant Dr the Hon Helen Sham-Ho visited Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Affairs Office
(11 Apr 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Many Protested Against Falungong Cult Invasion (Takungpao A16 : 26 Apr 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Tougher Law Enforcement on Culprits (Wenweipo A4 : 2 Mar 2015)

【Journal Article】National Security Law in Common Law Countries (2015) 293 Bauhinia Magazine 39

【Participation in Activity】”No Violence and Abuse on Mainland Tourists, patriotic group urged ” (Wenweipao A3 : 13 Mar 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】”HKU supports Occupying Movement, Lawyers want full investigation” (Wenweipao A2 : 17 Mar 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Lawrence Ma﹕Both 2004 Interpretation and NPCSC8.31 Decision Constitutional, Judicial Review should fail (MingpaoA35 : 19 Mar 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】”Lawyers worry about the illegal operations of Hong Kong Federation of Students” (Wenweipao A3 : 20 Mar 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】5 acquitted from obstructing police charge for 1 July protest (Singpao A03 : 21 Mar 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong University should not cover up for Benny Tai (WenweipaoA17 : 25 Mar 2015)

【Radio Interview】Is our Universal Suffrage ‘genuine’? (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 27 Mar 2015)

【Conference Presentation】 Roundtable on the Second Round of Consultation on the CE Election 2017 (City University :14 Feb 2015)

【Newspaper Article】Legal Loophole condoning advancement of Hong Kong Independence under the disguise of academic freedom should be mended (Wenweipo A14 : 24 Feb 2015)

【Legal Delegation on the Rule of Law 2015】Pre-Delegation News Coverage (27 Feb 2015)

【Newspaper Interview】Legal Sector: Public Confidence on the Rule of Law needed to be Rebuilt (Takungpao A3 : 2 Jan 2015)

【Official Visit】Department of Treaty and Law, Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in the HKSAR (5 Jan 2015)

【Press Interview】OC Trio Likely to be Convicted for Incitement to Unlawful Assembly (10 Jan 2015)

【Journal Article】Lawrence Ma “National Security Law necessary for the continuation of our One Country, Two Systems” (Hong Kong Electronic Journal:24 Jan 2015)

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