YEAR 2019


【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin : Learning by Boycotting Schooling is a Nonsense (Singtao Daily A10: 1 Sep 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu: High Court affirmed Election officer’s power to disqualify candidate (Wenweipao A12: 3 Sep 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Public Supervision of Hong Kong Courts? (Hong Kong China News Agency:3 Sep 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Government Withdraws the Fugitive Amendment Bill (CGTN China 24: 4 Sep 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Needs to Restore Law and Order Now (CCTV News: 4 Sep 2019)

【TV Interview】Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s Four-Point Action Plan (CGTN World Insight : 5 Sep 2019)

【Invited Activity】Yap & Lam GZ Office (Guangzhou:7 Sep 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Schools Should Not Allow Students Boycotting Classes (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A4: 10 Sep 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu:The Bar Association Loses Public Confidence by Engaging in Condemnation of the Police (Wenweipao A14: 14 Sep 2019)

【Public Affairs Forum】Pros and cons of Hongkongers lobbying overseas and seeking for international support during the unrest (RTHK City Forum:15 Sep 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Protest and the Lands Resumption Ordinance (CGTN Asia Today: 15 Sep 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Taiwan is becoming a Fugitive heaven of suspects (HK China News Agency:1 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Legislators Implicated in Riots Should be Charged (Wenweipao A1 Full page:2 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Employees Breached Employment Contract by Going on Strike (Orange News:3 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Dumping National Flag into the Sea punishable by 3 years Imprisonment (Orange News:3 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Dumping National Flag at Sea (CGTN : The World Today, 4 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Severe Condemnation of Dumping National Flag at Sea (CCTV News: 4 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Riots: How does recent violence undermine the law? (CGTN News: 4 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu:All Forms of Illegal Strikes Condemned (Wenweipao A11: 5 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Anti Fugitive Amendment Bill Riots in Hong Kong (CGTN:The Point with Liu Xin, 5 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Anti Fugitive Amendment Bill Riots in Hong Kong (CGTN:The Point with Liu Xin, 5 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Rioters Defying Bail Conditions Should be Brought to Justice Swiftly (文匯報 A6: 7 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:PLA Has a Proper Role to Play in Law to Maintain Law and Order in Hong Kong (Wenweipao A20 : 7 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Separatist Acts Contravened Chinese Constitution and the Basic Law (Legal Daily:7 Aug 2019)

【Invited Activity】Corrective Services Department Passing Out Parade (9 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Reporter aided Rioters to Ripped Photos off other Reporters (Wenweipao A12: 11 Aug 2019)

【Public Announcement】Riots in the Hong Kong Airport (Condemnation Announcement:14 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Is Comission of Enquiry the Way Out?( 12 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Petrol Bombs Against Police (CGTN Global Watch: 12 Aug 2019)

【Press Conference】United Nations to Investigate the USA’s Involvement in Hong Kong Riots (Nanyang Hotel:16 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin: Who is Responsible for our Distorted School Education?(Singtao Daily A14: 17 Aug 2019)

【Public Rally】Say “No” to Violence and Saving Hong Kong (Tamar : 17 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Fugitive Amendment Bill Riots (CGTN Global Watch: 17 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Lawyers Strongly Condemned the Incident of Airport Violence (CCTV News: 18 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Rule of Law is the Last Line of Defence for the City (Legal Daily A1: 19 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Fugitive Amendment Bill Riots (CGTN Global Watch: 19 Aug 2019)

【Magazine Interview】 Fight for the Power of Criminal Prosecution [2019] 8 Kin Magazine 014 (20 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】 Dr. Willy Fu:Dismissal of Benny Tai is in Public Interest (Wenweipao A18 : 20 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Serious Crimes Should be Punished Seriously (People’s Daily A4: 20 Aug 2019)

【Media Interview】Secretary for Justice Should Prosecute Prima Facie Cases ( Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Unlawfulness Should be Dealt with by the Rule of Law (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A4: 20 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】SJ Raised Objection on Admission Application Against Who Cursed Police on Social Media (Wenweipao A4: 22 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】SJ Raised Objection on Admission Application Against Who Cursed Police on Social Media (Wenweipao A4: 22 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Protest against United States’s Intervention of Internal Affairs of China (CCTV News:22 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Airport Injunctions against Riots (CGTN Global Watch: 23 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Sincerity and Devotion needed for Hong Kong (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A4: 24 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong High Court Extended Airport Injunctions (CGTN Global Watch: 24 Aug 2019)

【Invited Activity】8.25 Women Against Violence Gathering (HKCEC:25 Aug 2019)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Hong Kong’s freedom Makes it Vulnerable to Foreign Influence ( Aug 2019)

【Media Interview】L Ma: Some Media Insinuated Our Rampaged Youths ( Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Calls rise to unmask protesters (China Daily HK Ed 1: 27 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Might Deploy Emergency Regulation (Wenweipao A1: 28 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Carrie Lam not ruling out invoking Emergency Regulations Ordinance (CGTN: 30 Aug 2019)

【TV Interview】Barrister: Anti-mask laws needed to safeguard Hong Kong’s freedom of assembly (CGTN: 30 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Experts call for tougher laws to deal with unrest (China Daily HK Ed 3: 30 Aug 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Elderly Attacked by Hooligans at Rally (Wenweipao A6:1 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Elderly Attacked by Hooligans at Rally (Wenweipao A6:1 Jul 2019)

【Media Interview】Protesters Looted and Ransacked Legco (Silent Majority:3 Jul 2019)

【Media Interview】Signing Against Fugitive Law Amendment By A Judge Undermines Judicial Independence ( Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Personal Data and Access Record stolen at the Legco Looting (Wenweipao A2: 5 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Student Representatives Set Insurmountable Conditions for Holding Talks with the CE (Wenweipao A4:6 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Bar Association Condemned for Lenient Treatment on Hooligans (Wenweipao A4:6 Jul 2019)

【Media Interview】Judge Should Not Sign Up Against the Fugitive Bill ( Jul 2019)

【Academic Journal】Kacee Ting: Rule of Law is the Prerequisite for a Long term Development of the Greater Bay Area (2019) 46 Bauhinia Tribune 90

【Newspaper Interview】Power and privileges are conferred on the entire Legco, not on individual member (Wenweipao A3: 8 Jul 2019)

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【TV Interview】Hong Kong protesters hope message resonates with mainland audience (CBC National News: 8 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hooligans Tortured Police with The Pan-Democrats Stood by Watching (Wenweipao A1: 10 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Singer Denise Ho exaggerated to get attention at the UN (HKCD A10: 11 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers:Police is empowered to enforce the law in shopping arcades (Taikungpao A2 : 16 Jul 2019)

【Invited Activity】LOCPG Legal Department Dinner (BOC:16 July 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Search Warrant Unnecessary to effect arrest in Private Premises (Wenweipao A5:17 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Article】China containment is fundamentally wrong and self-defeating (China daily HK ed: 17 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lam Cheuk-ting Deleted Incriminating Photos of Protesters (Wenweipao A3: 18 Jul 2019)

【Invited Activity】7.20 Safeguard Hong Kong Press conference (Regal Hotel:18 Jul 2019)

【Legal Forum】Legal Conference with Shanxi Law Society (Holiday Inn:18 Jul 2019)

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【TV Interview】Fugitive Should be Brought to Justice (Now TV 時事全方位:19 July 2019)

【7.20 Safeguard HK Forum】(Tamar Park: 20 Jul 2019)

【Press Release】 Vandalizing the Liaison Office and damaging the National emblem (Condemnation Announcement: 22 Jul 2019)

【TV Interview】Rioters Condemned for Vandalising The Liaison Office (CCTV News:22 Jul 2019)

【Press Release】 Vandalizing the Liaison Office and damaging the National emblem (Condemnation Announcement: 22 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Rioters Condemned for Vandalizing the Liaison Office ( 23 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Riots in Hong Kong Undermining the Rule of Law should be punished (Fazhiribao: 24 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong’s radicals test Beijing’s bottom line (Asia Times: 25 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Public Urged Police to Arrest Legislators who Hindered Law Enforcement (Wenweipao A3: 29 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Legal professionals of Hong Kong deplore damage of legal system by illegal gatherings, violence ( Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Beijing says stop but Hong Kong says no (Asia Times: 29 Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting: Cooperation should be the focus of China­-US ties (China Daily Global Ed 1, 3 : 31Jul 2019)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin: Food Stalls ‘Go Green’ Just to Save Themselves (Singtao Daily A11: 2 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Smearing Fugitive Bill by Scarecrow Tourists (Wenweipao A3: 3 Jun 2019)

【TV Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment Bill Revised for Better Protection (NOW TV:3 Jun 2019)

【Media Interview】US Deploys its Legal Weapon against China ( Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Extradition Law was not a “firewall”, former British Foreign Minister erred (Wenweipao A6: 6 Jun 2019)

【Invited Activity】Supporting Fugitive Law Amendment (SME Lawyers: 6 Jun 2019)

【Radio Interview】Extradition and Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (RTHK3 Backchat Radio: 6 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Arsonist Condemned. Rally Participants Warned (Wenweipao A2: 8 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Legal experts slam unfounded claims on petrol bomb attacks (China Daily HK Edition : 8 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Public should beware of rally risk: Legal Expert Warned (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A3:9 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment is a legal issue, not a political one (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A2: 9 Jun 2019)

【Legal & Current Affairs Forum】Fugitive Law Amendments (RTHK3 City Forum: 9 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Protests set stage for historic crash in Hong Kong (Asia Times: 11 Jun 2019)

【Invited Activity】Condemnation of Violence Outside Legco Press Conference (TVB News: 12 Jun 2019)

【Invited Activity】Friends of Hong Kong Association 30th Anniversary (HKCEC: 13 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Willy Fu: Fugitive Law Amendment Should be Viewed Objectively ( Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers Condemned Threats Made to Police Officers (Wenweipao A2: 14 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition Could Abuse Information Collected (Taikungpao A5: 14 Jun 2019)

【Academic Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Challenge and Opportunity of the Fugitive Law Amendment (China Legal Exchange Centre Journal, 14 Jun 2019)

【TV Interview】Government is encouraged to focus on development not politics (CCTV13:17 Jun 2019)

【TV Interview】The World Today: Hong Kong Fugitive Bill (CGTN:17 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Peaceful Protestors Aren’t Rioters (Wenweipao A3:19 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Barry Chin : Supports Fugitive Law Amendment (Singtao Daily A20: 20 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Why Sentenced Ted Hui Leniently?(Wenweipao A18: 20 Jun 2019)

【Invited Activity】Expression of gratuities to Police (Silent Majority:20 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:’Calm Down, Young Protesters’, Don’t be a Fool (Wenweipao A10: 24 Jun 2019)

【Media Article】Barry Chin: Is it correct to classify the 6.12 Protest Riotous? ( 24 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Terror on Hospital Staff Condemned (Wenweipao A4: 25 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Online bullying of police officers, families draws growing criticism (China Daily HK ed 6: 27 Jun 2019)

【Media Interview】Legco Power and Privileges Law Has No Bearing Upon Law Enforcement Actions ( Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Hooligan Mob Guilty of 10 Different Offences (Wenweipao A2: 28 Jun 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Benny Tai’s Employment Should be Terminated (Taikungpao A3: 3 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Taiwan Misunderstood the Current Fugitive Arrangement (Wenweipao A2: 4 May 2019)

【Invited Activity】Chinese Navy 171th Fleet: Guided Missile Destroyer Haikou & Frigate Huangshan (Stonecutters Island Naval Base:4 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Barrister and Security Bureau Resolved Any Concern on Fugitive Amendment Bill (Wenweipao A5: 5 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Smeared Fugitive Bill and Undermined the Judiciary (Wenweipao A2: 6 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Taiwan Offence cannot be ‘tried’ in Hong Kong by the Legco (Wenweipao A2: 6 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Taiwan Misinterpreted Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Taikungpao A2: 7 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Staging a Political Show undemocratic (Taikungpao A1: 7 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Taiwan Legally Wrong in Fugitive Law Interpretation (Wenweipao A3: 8 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】James To’s Notice of Meeting a Forgery (Wenweipao A3: 8 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】James To’s Notice of Meeting a Forgery (Taikungpao A2: 8 May 2019)

【Blog Article】Barry Chin: Standing up for Flag Raising Shows Respect (Silent Majority:9 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Rioter Deserved Heavy Sentence (Wenweipao A4: 10 May 2019)

【Press Release】Condemnation Announcement (11 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Fugitive Bill: What They Say (China Daily HK ed 4: 11 May 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Opposition’s Violence at the Legco Condemned (Wenweipao A16: 13 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Disabled the Council at Fugitive Bill Debate (Taikungpao A2: 14 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Experts on Fugitive Law Amendment Bill (Wenweipao A6: 14 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Obnoxious ‘King’ of JR Re-surfaced (Wenweipao A5: 15 May 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin: Crippled Standing up in Flag Raising Respects the Occasion!(Singtao Daily A16: 19 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Fugitive Cannot be Tried Locally: Territorial Jurisdiction Principle Infringed (Wenweipao A4: 22 May 2019)

【【Media Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment: Courts play far more important role than the CE (Orange News: 25 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Barry Chin: Ray Wong Absconded to Germany as “Refugee” (Singtao Daily A15: 25 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Audrey Eu Smeared Fugitive Amendment Law (Wenweipao A3: 25 May 2019)

【Media Interview】Audrey Eu Wrongly Distorted Official News Reports (Orange News: 26 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Insane in Distorting Official News Report (Taikungpao A1: 27 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Audrey Eu Wrongly Distorted Official News Reports (Wenweipao A3: 27 May 2019)

【Legal Forum】Greater Bay Area Legal and Development Forum (Tsinghua University HK-M Research Center:Shenzhen, 28 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Ray Wong Staged a Show to Smear Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A4: 28 May 2019)

【Media Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment Explained (Silent Majority:29 May 2019)

【Newspaper Article】 Barry Chin: The innocent have no cause to fear Hong Kong extradition bill (SCMP: 29 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Anonymous ‘Judges’ Interview Suspicious (Wenweipao A4: 30 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Dennis Kwok should not embroil judges in political debate (Wenweipao A5: 31 May 2019)

【Invited Activity】 Book Launch: “The American Trap” (Tsi Ku Chai Gallery, Central: 31 May 2019)

【Media Interview】 Oppositions Maintain Stance After Government Gives In ( 31 May 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Bar Association Smears Fugitive Amendment Law (Wenweipao A2: 3 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Amendment to Fugitive Extradition Law is Right (Wenweipao A1: 2 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Smears Our Legal System (Taikungpao A2: 5 Apr 2019)

【Journal Interview】Political Crime is Not Extraditable (2019) 33(14) Yazhou Zhoukan 32

【Media Interview】L Ma:Existing Fugitive Law Sufficiently Protects Human Rights (Bauhinia net:5 Apr 2019)

【Media Interview】Fugitive Amendment Bill:Relieves Business Sector Concern (Orange News:5 Apr 2019)

【Current Affairs Forum】Occupying Central Judgment Releasing Soon (City Forum: 7 Apr 2019)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Justice According to Law ( Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】CE Election Committee Legal Sector Representatives Press Statement Bias (Wenweipao A3:9 Apr 2019)

【報章訪問】L Ma:Occupying Central – Guilty has to be punished (Orange News:9 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Law Breakers Got Convicted (Wenweipao A2:10 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】A ‘red line is drawn’ by ‘Occupy’ verdict (China Daily HK ed: 4, 10 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Joshua Wong Exaggerated Effect of OC Judgment (Wenweipao A11: 14 Apr 2019)

【Invited Activity】Beijing University Hong Kong Alumni CNY Dinner (China Chamber of Commerce: 15 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Common Law Principle of Joint Enterprise Applied to OC Defendants (Wenweipao A11: 16 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Maggie Chan Urged Prosecution of other OC Offenders (Taikungpao A4: 16 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Civil Disobedience Not a Defence ( Apr 2019)

【Media Interview】OC Organizers on Stage Guilty Under Joint Enterprise Principle ( 16 Apr 2019)

【Media Interview】Setting up a Positive Defence Contradicted the Very Aim of Civil disobedience (港人講地: 16 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】James To Infringed Legco Procedural Rule (Wenweipao A2: 19 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers : Government Proceedings Are Open and Transparent (Wenweipao A3: 19 Apr 2019)

【TV Interview】Is the West playing the Hong Kong card to threaten China’s national security? (TVB Straight Talks: 23 Apr 2019)

【報章訪問】16 Months Sentence too Light: L Ma ( Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Civil disobedience Destroys the Rule of Law (Wenweipao A3: 24 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Qianhai OBOR Legal Service Association | Guangdong Huashang Lawyers:25 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers Expects SJ to Seek Review of Sentence (Wenweipao A2: 25 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Jail sentences have ‘safeguarded the rule of law’ (China Daily HK ed 4: 25 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Sentence too Lenient for the OC Organizers L Ma:Appropriate Sentence 2.5 Years (Orange News:25 Apr 2019)

【TV Interview】Sentencing of the Occupy 9 (Now TV 時事全方位:25 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: SJ should Seek Sentence Review (Wenweipao A2: 25 Apr 2019)

【Media Interview】Benny Tai and Chan Kin Man Deserved a Heavier Sentence ( 25 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Smeared the Rule of Law in OC Sentencing (Wenweipao A4: 26 Apr 2019)

【Legal Forum】OCTS Implementation cum Basic Law 29th Anniversary Forum (HKCEC: 26 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(News Thread:26 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Huawei:26 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Johannes Chan Opposed Fugitive Amendment Bill (Wenweipao A6: 27 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Freedom Not an Absolute Right (Wenweipao A7: 27 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: Retrospective Effect Needed on Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A5: 28 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Rally Turned Political with Separatists Around (Wenweipao A2:29 Apr 2019)

【Invited Activity】National Security Education Day HK Exhibition (CCB:24 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Tencent:25 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Zhong Lun Law Firm:25 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Shujin Law Firm:26 Apr 2019)

【2019 Cross Border Commercial Litigation (Shenzhen) Delegation】(Beijing Jinshi Law Firm:26 Apr 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Alvin Yeung Blocked Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A15: 4 Mar 2019)

【Media Interview】Supporting Legislative Proposal to amend the existing fugitive extradition scheme (4 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Bar Association Objecting the Fugitive Amendment Scheme Like an Opposition (Wenweipao A20: 6 Mar 2019)

【Radio Interview】Security Bureau Proposed to Amend fugitive extradition arrangement (RTHK3 Backchat: 6 Mar 2019)

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【TV Interview】Fugitive Extradition Arrangement Controversy (Now TV: 時事全方位: 7 Mar 2019)

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【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Poly U is Right in Expulsion of Student Bullies (Wenweipao A16: 8 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition Staging a Scarecrow Rally Against Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A16: 11 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting: Amendments to fugitive extradition laws long overdue (China Daily 8 : 11 Mar 2019)

【Media Interview】Avery Ng acquitted on a technicality ( Mar 2019)

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【Journal Article】Kacee Ting, ‘Analysis on “Rule of Law of the Bay Area” Suggestion & the Way Forward’ (2019) Mar – Apr Bauhinia Tribune 80

【Newspaper Interview】Adding Political Offence to Fugitive Extradition Amendment Ridiculous (Wenweipao A16:13 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Collaboration of Hong Kong and Taiwan Independents in SAR affairs (Wenweipao A12: 14 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Company Director Convicted for Business Fraud in Mainland China (Wenweipao A16: 15 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition in Breach of Privacy Ordinance in the Collection of Residents Information (Taikungpao A1: 18 Mar 2019)

【Official Visit】President ZM Liu Compensation Court and Director YL Si HK-Macau Office (Supreme People’s Court :Beijing, 19 Mar 2019)

【China Law Society 2019】8th National Conference (Beijing:Beijing Conference Centre, 19 Mar 2019)

【Roll of Honour】Senior Consultant Prof Albert Chen SBS, JP、Prof Lin Feng, Chairman L Ma re-elected Director of China Law Society (Beijing:Beijing Convention Centre, 20 Mar 2019)

【Legal & Current Affairs Forum】NPC & CPPCC Messages Sharing Symposium (HKCEC:20 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition Teamed up with Taiwanese to Block Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A10: 26 Mar 2019

【Newspaper Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment:Relieves Concerns of the Business Community (Orange News:27 Mar 2019)

【Media Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment Alleviates Concerns of the General Public (Bauhinia New Media:27 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma: Removing commercial offences relieves commercial sector concern (Taikungpao:27 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper interview】Lost Your Conscion: Opposition Blocks Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A3: 28 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers Urged : Don’t Blindly Object (Wenweipao A3: 28 Mar 2019)

【Radio Interview】Fugitive Law Amendment (RTHK 31:28 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Carrico Criticized for his Distorted View of the National Anthem (Wenweipao A8:29 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Kacee Ting:Fugitive Law Amendment Reasonable (文匯報 A8: 29 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Obstructed Justice in Blocking the Fugitive Scheme (Wenweipao A14: 2 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Criticized For Questioning the Proposed Fugitive Offenders Arrangement (Wenweipao:A6, 14 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Leung KH’s Appeal Rightly Dismissed (Wenweipao A2: 16 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Executive Council Dismissed Hong Kong National Party Appeal (Wenweipao A10, 22 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Amendment of Fugitive Arrangement With Taiwan Welcome (Taikungpao B2: 22 Feb 2019)

【Media Interview】Amendment of Fugitive Arrangement Supported (Silent Majority:22 Feb 2019)

【Basic Law Seminar】HKEWF Wong Cho Bau Secondary School (Lantau Tung Chung:22 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma: Central Government Exercises Comprehensive Jurisdiction in Report Request (Orange News:26 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Zero Tolerance on Hong Kong Independence (Wenweipao A2: 27 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper interview】 Comprehensive Jurisdiction Continuously to be Exercised (Apple Daily:27 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Progressive Lawyers Group Coerced the Secretary for Justice (Wenweipao A14: 1 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Prosecution not politically motivated:Dennis Kwok Wrong (Wenweipao A 11:5 Jan 2019)

【TV Interview】National Anthem Bill (RTHK: 左右紅藍綠, 14 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Foreign Judges to Sing National Anthem?(Line Post:15 Jan 2019)

【Legal Forum】 Public-Private Partnerships Conference (HKCEC:16 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lam Cheuk-ting’s Duress on Legal Aid (Wenweipao A11: 24 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong’s Rule of Law World Ranking Dropped Upon Oppositions smearing (Wenweipao: A1. 26 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lau Siu-Lai Failed to Properly Report Election Expenses (Wenweipao A14: 31 Jan 2019)