YEAR 2019


【Newspaper Interview】Alvin Yeung Blocked Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A15: 4 Mar 2019)

【Media Interview】Supporting Legislative Proposal to amend the existing fugitive extradition scheme (4 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】The Bar Association Objecting the Fugitive Amendment Scheme Like an Opposition (Wenweipao A20: 6 Mar 2019)

【Radio Interview】Security Bureau Proposed to Amend fugitive extradition arrangement (RTHK3 Backchat: 6 Mar 2019)

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【TV Interview】Fugitive Extradition Arrangement Controversy (Now TV: 時事全方位: 7 Mar 2019)

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【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Poly U is Right in Expulsion of Student Bullies (Wenweipao A16: 8 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition Staging a Scarecrow Rally Against Fugitive Law Amendment (Wenweipao A16: 11 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting: Amendments to fugitive extradition laws long overdue (China Daily 8 : 11 Mar 2019)

【Media Interview】Avery Ng acquitted on a technicality ( Mar 2019)

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【Journal Article】Kacee Ting, ‘Analysis on “Rule of Law of the Bay Area” Suggestion & the Way Forward’ (2019) Mar – Apr Bauhinia Tribune 80

【Newspaper Interview】Adding Political Offence to Fugitive Extradition Amendment Ridiculous (Wenweipao A16:13 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Collaboration of Hong Kong and Taiwan Independents in SAR affairs (Wenweipao A12: 14 Mar 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Obstructed Justice in Blocking the Fugitive Scheme (Wenweipao A14: 2 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Criticized For Questioning the Proposed Fugitive Offenders Arrangement (Wenweipao:A6, 14 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Leung KH’s Appeal Rightly Dismissed (Wenweipao A2: 16 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Executive Council Dismissed Hong Kong National Party Appeal (Wenweipao A10, 22 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Amendment of Fugitive Arrangement With Taiwan Welcome (Taikungpao B2: 22 Feb 2019)

【Media Interview】Amendment of Fugitive Arrangement Supported (Silent Majority:22 Feb 2019)

【Basic Law Seminar】HKEWF Wong Cho Bau Secondary School (Lantau Tung Chung:22 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma: Central Government Exercises Comprehensive Jurisdiction in Report Request (Orange News:26 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Zero Tolerance on Hong Kong Independence (Wenweipao A2: 27 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper interview】 Comprehensive Jurisdiction Continuously to be Exercised (Apple Daily:27 Feb 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Progressive Lawyers Group Coerced the Secretary for Justice (Wenweipao A14: 1 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】 Prosecution not politically motivated:Dennis Kwok Wrong (Wenweipao A 11:5 Jan 2019)

【TV Interview】National Anthem Bill (RTHK: 左右紅藍綠, 14 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Foreign Judges to Sing National Anthem?(Line Post:15 Jan 2019)

【Legal Forum】 Public-Private Partnerships Conference (HKCEC:16 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lam Cheuk-ting’s Duress on Legal Aid (Wenweipao A11: 24 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong’s Rule of Law World Ranking Dropped Upon Oppositions smearing (Wenweipao: A1. 26 Jan 2019)

【Newspaper Interview】Lau Siu-Lai Failed to Properly Report Election Expenses (Wenweipao A14: 31 Jan 2019)