YEAR 2018


【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting:Au Nok-hin’s Qualification Needed to be Reviewed (SingTao Daily A15 : 4 Apr 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Benny Tai should be charged for sedition (Wenweipao A4 : 4 Apr 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Benny Tai’s Separatist Statement is Seditious (Hong Kong China News Agency: 4 Apr 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting: What is the Plot Behind Edward Yiu’s Proposed TaiKoo New Housing Plan? (Takungpao A12 : 17 Apr 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Court Likely to Entertain Election Petition Filed by Voters (Takungpao A3 : 3 Mar 2018)

【Media Interview】 L Ma:Co-location Is not set up to facilitate Cross Border Law Enforcement (Silent Majority:5 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Au Nok-hin has Taiwan Separatist support (Wenweipao A9:7 Mar 2018)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Au Nok-hin guilty of Withholding Material Particulars to Electoral Officer ( Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Edward Yiu’s “donation” of all future Councillor salary to Solicit Votes May constitute Bribery (Taikungpao A1: 10 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Au Nok-hin Should be Disqualified For burning the Basic Law ( : 10 Mar 2018)

【Radio Interview】Judicial Review of Electoral Affairs Officer’s Decision on Au Nok-hin’s Candidature (RTHK Radio 自由風自由phone : 14 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】National Anthem Law:Non-Retrospectivity Confirmed (Wenweipao A4 : 17 Mar 2018)

【Lecgo Deputation】 Co-location : In Compliance with Chinese Constitution and Basic Law (Wenweipo A12 : 18 Mar 2018)

【Media Interview】 Look Cheuk-kin’s Judicial Review Application is Totally Groundless and a Waste of Public Funds ( Mar 2018)

【Legal Forum】 HKUSU Law Association : Co-location (Hong Kong University Sun Yat-sen Place:23 Mar 2018)

【Television Interview】 Legality of Legislators advocating the End of One Party Rule (RTHK The Pulse : 24 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Sending Death Note to Electoral Officer a Serious Offence (Wenweipao A3: 29 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 The Bar Association Blocks the Co-Location Bill is Unprofessional (Wenweipao A8: 31 Mar 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting: Chilling Winter does not halt the arrival of Spring (HKGpao Linepost City Thinktank: 1 Feb 2018)

【TV Interview】 The Legal Basis For Disqualifying Separatist Candidates (RTHK: 左右紅藍綠, 2 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】Edward Yiu’s “Civilian” ICAC Idea is Wrong (Wenweipao A2 : 6 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Unlawful Assembly Trio won only on a point of Technicality (Taikungpao A3 : 7 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting : A New Offence Should be Introduced to Curb Insult on Police (Singtao Daily A18: 7 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 L Ma:Disqualifying Separatist Legco Nomination Constitutional (Wenweipao A15: 7 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 L Ma:The Bar Association should facilitate, not aggravate (China Daily HK ed A7: 8 Feb 2018)

【TV Interview】 The CFA Decision in SJ v Joshua Wong (Now TV : 時事全方位, 8 Feb 2018)

【Media Interview】 L Ma:CFA Judgment sets Legal Limit on Right of Protest (Speak Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】CFA Sentencing Judgment sent a clear message against Violence (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A9: 8 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】CFA Sentencing Judgment put a halt to violent protest (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A9: 9 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Dr. Willy Fu: CFA too lenient towards the “Occupy Central” Trio (Wenweipao A14: 10 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】L Ma Will Submit To Norwegian Nobel Committee on the Occupy Central Trio Nomination (Wenweipao A9: 11 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Foreign Power Pawn Anson Chan criticised for ruining Hong Kong’s reputation (Wenweipao A14: 12 Feb 2018)

【Media Interview】Analysis of CFA’s Decision on Joshua Wong (時聞香港:12 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Hong Kong Bar Association Election (Singtao Daily A12 : 21 Feb 2018)

【Radio Interview】 Andy Chan’s Election Petition (RTHK3 Backchat : 14 Feb 2018)

【Media Interview】Au Nok-hin’s Burning of the Basic Law (時聞香港:23 Feb 2018)

【Media Interview】 Au Nok-hin Should be Disqualified for Burning of the Basic Law ( Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Lawyers urged Police Investigation of Au Nok-hin’s Incineration of the National Emblem (Wenweipao A3:25 Feb 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Experts say co-location decision is ‘legally sound’ (China Daily HK A1:3 Jan 2018)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Hong Kong Independence Movement Wholly Unconstitutional ( Jan 2018)

【Strong Condemnation】Legal Academic Eric Cheung’s Statement has misled the Public and Denigrated the Central Government (Press Release: 4 Jan 2018)

【Radio Interview】 NPCSC Decision on Co-location: Jurisdiction of Constitutional Review not “Castrated” (千禧年代 : 5 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Courts have no jurisdiction to constitutionally review the future Co-location Legislation (Wenweipao A13: 5 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 L Ma: NPCSC Decision did not castrate Constitutional Review Jurisdiction (Metro Daily 16: 5 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 NPCSC ‘reads in’ original intent to clarify co-location (China Daily A9:5 Jan 2018)

【Legal and Current Affairs Forum】 2017 Hong Kong-Macau-Taiwan Major Legal Events Forum (Nankai University: Tianjin, 6 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Community Development: Livelihood First and Foremost (Linepost : 8 Jan 2018)

【Official Visit】 Reception by K L Lam CSDSM, Director, Corrective Services Department (Cape Collison Correctional Institution : 12 Jan 2018)

【Magazine Article】 Kacee Ting : Community Development, Livelihood Comes First (2018) 37 Bauhania Magazine 97

【Legal Forum】Comprehensive Jurisdiction : Political Affirmation of Legal Powers (Shenzhen : Chinese Association of Hong Kong and Macau Studies, 14 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Teresa Cheng’s Immediate Response signs of a Responsible Person (Wenweipao A11 : 17 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Allegation of “Conspiracy to Defraud the bank by Over-Valuation” against Teresa Cheng a Red Herring (Taikungpao A5 : 17 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 “Contempt” is Serious Crime and Prosecution not Politically Motivated (Takungpao:A2, 18 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Kacee Ting: Occupy Mongkok Defendants Risk Sentence Increase on Appeal (HKGpao:18 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Dr Willy Fu: Mandatory Short Hair for Male Inmates a Proportionate Restriction (Wenweipao A13 : 19 Jan 2018)

【Legal Forum】 Legal Controversy of the Co-location Arrangement (The Association of Industries and Commerce of HK Southern District: 19 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Article】 Kacee Ting:Edward Yiu is Not Qualified For LegCo Office this Term (Singtao Daily A15 : 24 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Article】L Ma:Bar Chairman Philip Dykes does not represent my view (Wenweipao A13 : 25 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 Disqualifying Edward Yiu has proper legal basis (Wenweipao A5 : 27 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 CS Matthew Cheung:Government Respects Returning Officer’s Decision (Takungpao A2 : 29 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】Disqualified Separatists Should Remain Outside Legco (Wenweipao A2 : 29 Jan 2018)

【Newspaper Interview】 European Union Wrongly Backed Separatist Agnes Chow (Wenweipao A4: 31 Jan 2018)

【Radio Interview】 Agnes Chow’s disqualification and Legco By-election (RTHK3: Backchat, 31 Jan 2018)