YEAR 2020


【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: National Pandemic Control System is the Best Defence to Coronavirus (Wenweipao A15: 3 Feb 2020)

【6th Anniversary Celebration】(7 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Unregulated Exorbitant Mask Price (Wenweipao A9:11 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Government Should Regulate Spreading of Rumours (Wenweipao A9: 11 Feb 2020)

【Media Interview】Online Exaggeration of Coronavirus Contagion Chaotic ( : 13 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: Adequacy of Masks Supply a Serious Social Concern (Wenweipao A17: 14 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Medical Staff on Strike Should Be Dealt With Severely (Wenweipao A17 :
14 Feb 2020)

【TV Interview】Western Media Bias: Same Riots, Different Coverage (CGTN The Point : 1 Jan 2020)

【TV Interview】High Court Vandalized by Protesters (CGTN Global Watch : 2 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: “Yellow Economic Circle” Contravened the Principle of Free Economy (Wenweipao A9: 3 Jan 2020)

【Invited Activity】Shenzhen Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association (Hotel Intercontinental:4 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Expectation on New Liaison Office Head to lead Hong Kong out from Turmoil (Wenweipao A3: 6 Jan 2020)

【Legal Exchange】Vice Chairwoman, Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, NPCSC, Hon Maria Tam GBM GBS JP (6 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Pan Democrats Spread Separatists Ideas at District Council (Wenweipao A1:8 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Council Chairman Vowed to Overthrown the Government (Wenweipao A1: 8 Jan 2020)

【Invited Activity】Visiting Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Limited (11 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Extended Court Time to Deal With Criminal Matters Applauded (Wenweipao A5: 14 Jan 2020)

【Media Interview】Bar Chairman Wrongly Understood the Meaning of Public Interest ( Jan 2020)

【Legal Exchange】Official Visit: Shanxi Law Society President Mr JS Gao (Shanxi Taiyuan:16 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Livelihood Matters Should Not Be Hijacked By Politics (Wenweipao A6: 18 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Eastern District Council Set Up a Shadow “IPCC” (Wenweipao A10: 21 Jan 2020)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Ranked High in Performance Index of Canadian Research Institute (CGTN The Point : 21 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Fraudsters Ripping Off Retailers Amid New Year Shopping Spree (Taikungpao A11:23 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu (Wenweipao A14:30 Jan 2020)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Total Entry Ban may be Unconstitutional and Border Medical Screening More Viable (Orange News:30 Jan 2020)