YEAR 2020


【Newspaper Interview】Howard Lam’s Appeal Dismissed Dr. Willy Fu:Perfectly Correct (Wenwei net:2 Apr 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Tanya Chan Found Drinking in Pub in breach of Health Regulation (Wenweipao A8: 5 Apr 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Inciting Others to Maim Police Warrants Investigation (Wenweipao A10: 5 Apr 2020)

【TV Interview】30th Anniversary of Basic Law Enactment (CCYV《焦點訪談》: 5 Apr 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Anthrax hoax to Wenweipao threatens press freedom (Wenweipao A4: 7 Apr 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Tanya Chan In Breach of Isolation Regulation (Taikungpao A2: 7 Apr 2020)

【Media Interview】Next Media Jimmy Lai Arrested (Xinhua News Agency:1 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Pan Democrat Politicians Risk Perverting the Course of Justice in Defending Jimmy Lai (Wenweipao A17: 2 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: Unscrupulous Politicians Will be Banished in History (Wenweipao A19: 2 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】“Disaster” for rule of law feared (China Daily HK ed 4: 3 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Dr. Willy Fu: District Councillor Should be Properly Dealt With For Disseminating Separatism (點新聞:5 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Councillor WH Lee Condemned For His Derogatory Poster (Wenweipao A16 : 6 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Meets International Human Rights Standard (China News Agency:6 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Councillor Attempted to Pocket For Himself Facial Masks Earmarked For Elderly (Wenweipao A19: 7 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Councillor WH Lee’s Derogatory Comment on Voters (Taikungpao A6: 7 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Civic Party Condoned its District Councillor in Insulting Opposition Voters (Wenweipao A14: 8 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Joshua Wong’s Bail Application Rightly Denied ( : 8 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Condoning Violence and Inciting Hatred Will have Grave Consequences (Wenweipao A1: 9 March 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen:When Those Like MH Lee Got Elected (Wenweipao A16: 9 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Police warn of escalated violence (China Daily HK ed 4 : 10 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Min Kang: Anti Terrorism Is Imminent For Hong Kong (Wenweipao A17: 11 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】District Councillor M H Lee’s Derogatory Comment Condemned!( March 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Lawyers: United States Human Rights Report is Bias (China News Agency : 13 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】”803 Fund” alerted Authority about possible charge of District Councillor MH Lee of Misconduct in Public Office (Wenweipao A14: 14 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Apple Daily Report on Jimmy Lai’s Arrest May Infringe the Official Secrets Ordinance (Wenweipao A12: 15 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Inactive Equal Opportunity Commission Breeds Discrimination (Wenweipao A11: 15 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers Questioned Sentence on Chan Kin-man Lacks Deterrent Effect (Taikungpao A3: 15 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen : Chan Kin-Man Is Wrongly Branded as a “Hero” (Wenweipao A18: 16 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Riot-Supportive District Councillor Denied Art. 23 Supporters Proper Service (Wenweipao A20: 17 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Government Urged to Disqualified Misbehaved District Councillor (Taikungpao A8: 17 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu : Aiding the Absconded Has to Be Severely Punished (Wenweipao A19: 18 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition Politicians Insinuated Violence on Youth No Knowing Change Comes From Positive Contribution (Wenweipao A6: 18 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Dr. Willy Fu Urges the Use of United Nations Anti Terrorism Offence to Prosecute ( Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Dr. Louis Chen : “Yellow” Business Circle is a Misnomer ( 19 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Prof Gu Minkang : China’s Counter Measures Against the USA a Matter of Foreign Affairs (Wenweipao A19: 20 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Dr. Willy Fu: Vote Rigging Should be Stopped (點新聞: 22 Mar 2020)

【Journal Interview】Gu Minkang : NPCSC Should Consider Interpret The Basic Law (2020) 23 Mar YZZK 30

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen : Coronavirus – A political perspective (Wenweipao A15: 23 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Government Urged to Prevent Vote Rigging (Wenweipao A14: 23 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang: Chan Kin-man’s Release and Hong Kong’s Political Problem (HK Commercial Daily A5 : 23 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang: The Secretary for Justice Should Properly Prosecute (Taikungpao A15 : 24 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Hong Kong Lawyers Welcome the New Chief Justice Appointment (China News Agency:24 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Hotlines to be set up to curb quarantine violations (China Daily : 24 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang : Seizing Power is Cardinal of Our “One Country Two Systems” (Wenweipao A14: 25 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Councillor LK Cheng Breached Non Disclosure Injunction (Taikungpao A5: 25 Mar 2020)

【報章訪問】Elector Registration and Vote Rigging (Wenweipao A10: 27 Mar 2020)

【TV Interview】L Ma : Basic Law 30th Anniversary – Law is the Last Resort (China News Agency: 28 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Kacee Ting’s All About Law:Covid 19 and America’s Blame on China (South East Media:29 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Kacee Ting’s All About Law:Legal Liability of Not Wearing Detection Bracelet amid Covid-19 Pandemic (South East Media:30 Mar 2020)

Dr. Louis Chen : Legislation not Repealed Does Not “Expired” (Wenweipao A13: 31 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Kacee Ting’s All About Law:How Should Overseas Students Resolve Pandemic Related Legal Issues (South East Media:31 Mar 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: National Pandemic Control System is the Best Defence to Coronavirus (Wenweipao A15: 3 Feb 2020)

【6th Anniversary Celebration】(7 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Unregulated Exorbitant Mask Price (Wenweipao A9:11 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Government Should Regulate Spreading of Rumours (Wenweipao A9: 11 Feb 2020)

【Media Interview】Online Exaggeration of Coronavirus Contagion Chaotic ( : 13 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: Adequacy of Masks Supply a Serious Social Concern (Wenweipao A17: 14 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Medical Staff on Strike Should Be Dealt With Severely (Wenweipao A17 :
14 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Abomination Against Retail Shops’ Discrimination On Mainland Chinese (Wenweipao A14: 17 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Equal Opportunity Commission Critical on Retail Shops Barring Mainlanders (Taikungpao A8: 17 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu: Retail Shop Should Be Charged for Discriminating Against Mainlanders (Taikungpao A12: 17 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen:The RTHK is not exempted from complying with the law (Wenweipao A21: 26 Feb 2020)

【Press Interview】The Arrest of Jimmy Lai (28 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Pan Democrat Legislators Set to filibuster the Finance Bill (Wenweipao A2: 29 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Legal Expert:Prima facie case Of Criminal Intimidation Against Jimmy Lai (Wenweipao A2: 29 Feb 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Lawyers: No One is Above the Law (Taikungpao A2: 29 Feb 2020)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Public Support for Jimmy Lai’s Arrest (CCTV : 29 Feb 2020)

【TV Interview】Western Media Bias: Same Riots, Different Coverage (CGTN The Point : 1 Jan 2020)

【TV Interview】High Court Vandalized by Protesters (CGTN Global Watch : 2 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Louis Chen: “Yellow Economic Circle” Contravened the Principle of Free Economy (Wenweipao A9: 3 Jan 2020)

【Invited Activity】Shenzhen Hong Kong Institute of Professional Management Association (Hotel Intercontinental:4 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Expectation on New Liaison Office Head to lead Hong Kong out from Turmoil (Wenweipao A3: 6 Jan 2020)

【Legal Exchange】Vice Chairwoman, Hong Kong Basic Law Committee, NPCSC, Hon Maria Tam GBM GBS JP (6 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Pan Democrats Spread Separatists Ideas at District Council (Wenweipao A1:8 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Council Chairman Vowed to Overthrown the Government (Wenweipao A1: 8 Jan 2020)

【Invited Activity】Visiting Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group Limited (11 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Extended Court Time to Deal With Criminal Matters Applauded (Wenweipao A5: 14 Jan 2020)

【Media Interview】Bar Chairman Wrongly Understood the Meaning of Public Interest ( Jan 2020)

【Legal Exchange】Official Visit: Shanxi Law Society President Mr JS Gao (Shanxi Taiyuan:16 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Livelihood Matters Should Not Be Hijacked By Politics (Wenweipao A6: 18 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Eastern District Council Set Up a Shadow “IPCC” (Wenweipao A10: 21 Jan 2020)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Ranked High in Performance Index of Canadian Research Institute (CGTN The Point : 21 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Fraudsters Ripping Off Retailers Amid New Year Shopping Spree (Taikungpao A11:23 Jan 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr. Willy Fu (Wenweipao A14:30 Jan 2020)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Total Entry Ban may be Unconstitutional and Border Medical Screening More Viable (Orange News:30 Jan 2020)