YEAR 2020


【Media Interview】Sentence on Joshua Wong too lenient and inadequate (China News Agency:4 Dec 2020)

【Condemnation Announcement】(6 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang : Jimmy Lai should be dealt with under Art. 55 of the National Security Law (Taikungpao A12 : 6 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Intimidation of Judges should be dealt with seriously (Wenweipo A12 : 7 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Ted Hui’s Abscondment (HKGpao:10 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Ted Hui will regard his fugitive act one day (HKGpao:11 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Confidence is the key in Covid-19 fight (Wenweipo A12 : 12 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Sixtus Leung urged sanction on Hong Kong in breach of National Security Law ( Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Ted Hui Absconded to Denmark (China News Agency:15 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Jimmy Lai charged with collusion with foreign power to overthrow government ( Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Radical Judicial Reform is expected from the Incoming Chief Justice ( 17 Dec 2020)

【Media Interview】Nathan Law & Samuel Chu Betrayed China ( 17 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang : Two judgments effectively curbed riots in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Commercial Daily A3 : 23 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang : Three questionable findings in Jimmy Lai case (Taikungpao A12 : 25 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : Judicial Reform Urged as Bail was wantonly granted (Wenweipao A14 : 28 Dec 2020)

【TV Interview】Lam Cheuk-ting arrested for disclosing the identity of the subject of ICAC Investigation (Shenzhen Satellite TV : 29 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(15 – 31 Dec 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Latest CCP Meeting shed light on how the Central Government is to manage Hong Kong (Wenweipao A10 : 3 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】Whether 11.11 NPCSC Decision Legal and Constitutional ? (CGTN China24 :11 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】National Security Law : Japan (Episode 9) (TVB:12 Nov 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Unpatriotic Alvin Yeung Should be Disqualified (Taikungpao A12:12 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】National Security Law : USA (Episode 10) (TVB:13 Nov 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Oppositions threatened resignation and that ruins their political future (Wenweipao A16 : 14 Nov 2020)

【Official Announcement】 Foundation in support of NPCSC 11.11 Decision re Qualification of certain Legco Members (16 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】National Security Law : UK (Episode 11) (TVB:16 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】National Security Law : Spain (Episode 12) (TVB:17 Nov 2020)

【Newspaper Article】 Willy Fu:High Court erred on the ruling requiring riot police to display UI number on uniform (Wenweipao A14 : 20 Nov 2020)

【Legal Forum】Judicial Reform & National Security Law CPD Seminar (Co-organiser: IPLSA: 28 Nov 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 30 Nov 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: The policy address brings new resolution to Hong Kong (Wenweipao A11 : 30 Nov 2020)

【TV Interview】1 October National Day (Xinhua News: 1 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu: Cronyism in the judiciary Abominated (Wenweipao A16: 9 Oct 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin Condemning Those Teachers Who Encouraged Students to Protest (HKG報:18 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: How To Facilitate Career Advancement of Youth (HKEJ A20 : 17/18 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: President Xi’s speech Shed Light on the Implementation of our Youth Policy in Hong Kong
(Wenweipao A15 : 19 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Judicial Independence is not a shield to Constructive Criticism (文匯報 A17: 23 Oct 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin on Cathay Pacific’s Retrenchment – Fighting Should Stop Between Employer and Employees (HKG報:29 Oct 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin on Cathay Pacific’s Retrenchment – Where is corporate social responsibility? (HKG報:29 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Data protection law in Hong Kong failed to prevent doxxing of barristers (Wenweipao A12 : 29 Oct 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(15 – 31 Oct 2020)

【Media Interview】Jimmy Lai’s Mark Simon Smeared Joe Biden’s Son (Speak Oct 2020)

【Media Interview】Dr Willy Fu: Intermeddling With Government’s Covid-19 Community Test Scheme Liable for Three Offences ( Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Covid-19 Community Quarantine Should be Orderly Conducted (Wenweipao A9 : 1 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Chinese Law Applies To Illegal Entry into China (Wenweipao A13 : 3 Sep 2020)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu:Magistrate erred in principle ( Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Separation of powers is never part of Hong Kong’s Political System (Wenweipao A12 : 7 Sep 2020)

【TV Interview】The Rule of Law Debate (RTHK 視點31: 8 Sep 2020)

【Media Interview】Judicial Policy on Overwhelmingly Protected Rights in Disregard of Obligations to abide by Law ( Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 10 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Apply Daily Share Price Manipulation Must Be Punished (Taikungpao A12 : 11 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(11 – 20 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Share Price Manipulation of Next Media Must Be Punished (Taikungpao A12 : 11 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Families of the “twelve fugitives” were exploited by the Opposition (Wenweipao A12 : 15 Sep 2020)

【媒體訪問】12瞞逃刑拘有理(港人講地:18 Sep 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin on 12 Fugitives – International Case Law (HKG報:21 Sep 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin on 12 Fugitives – Condemning Aids and Abets (HKG報:21 Sep 2020)

【TV Interview】Laying Illegal Entry Charge against the 12 Fugitives Correct (Phoneix TV News: 27 Sep 2020)

【TV Interview】A Politicised Judiciary? (RTHK TV 視點31:29 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: On the urgency of Judicial Reform in Hong Kong from the Perspective of the appointment of Justice in the United States (Wenweipo A14: 30 Sep 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(21 – 30 Sep 2020)

[Honour & Appointment]Consultant Dr James Wong appointed Chairman of the Property Management Services Appeal Panel (1 Aug 2020)

【Honour and Appointment】 Secretary General Dr Louis Chen Appointed Member of the All-China Youth Federation (13th Term) (14 Aug 2020)

【Hong Kong National Security Law】Pt. 8 (1 – 15 Aug 2020)

【2020 Legco Election】Pt. 8 (1 – 15 Aug 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr Willy Fu:Judicial Review of Decision to Postpone LegCo Election an Abuse of Process (Wenweipao A12:5 Aug 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: U.S. Sanctions Highlights its Arrogant Hegemony (Wenweipao A11 : 10 Aug 2020)

【Honour and Appointment】 Secretary General Dr Louis Chen Appointed Member of the All-China Youth Federation (13th Term) (14 Aug 2020)

【Newspaper & Media Interview】Practising Certificate For Hong Kong Lawyers in the Greater Bay Area (26 Aug 2020)

【Media Interview】Culprit Captured When Trying to Flee to Taiwan ( Aug 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】(15 – 31 Aug 2020)

【Press Release】Declaration re welcoming, upholding and supporting the HK National Security Law (30 Jun – 1 Jul 2020)

【Media Article】Louis Chen:Destructionists need to be responsible for the damage caused by instigating Hong Kong independence (WenWeiPo :1 Jul 2020)

【Invited Activity】Hong Kong Basic Law 30th Anniversary Legal Forum (5 Jul 2020)

【HK National Security Law】Pt. 5 (29 Jun – 6 Jul 2020)

【Legal Forum】PRC Hong Kong SAR National Security Law Legal Forum 2020 (7 Jul 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: U.S. sanctions will not harm Hong Kong’s special status (Wenweipao A12 : 20 Jul 2020

【Media Interview】Barry Chin on Meng Wanzhou’s Extradition Proceedings (HKG報:24 Jul 2020)

【HK National Security Law】Pt. 6 (7 – 25 Jul 2020)

【HK National Security Law】Pt. 7 (26 – 31 Jul 2020)

【2020 LegCo Election】Pt. 1 (27 – 31 Jul 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr Willy Fu:Judges Who Expressed Political Views in Judgement Should Not Deal With Political Cases (Wenweipao A14 : 3 June 2020)

【Media Interview】Kacee Ting: National Security Education ( 4 Jun 2020)

【Press Interview】Hong Kong National Security Law (Pt 2)

【Press Interview】District Councillors Who Preached Separatism Should Be Dealt With (Dotdotnews:5 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr Gu Minkang: Three Major Issues Concerning the HK National Security Law (Taikungpao A12: 6 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】District Council Preached Separatism and Breached Gathering Prohibition (Wenweipao A5 : 7 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Benny Tai Organised Councillors to Oppose National Security Law (Taikungpao A2: 7 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Dr Willy Fu:The “17 District Council Special Meeting” an Invalid Farce (Wenweipao A10: 8 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Oppositions Connived to Manipulate Election (Wenweipao A11: 10 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Opposition’s devious plan of vote rigging (Wenweipao A11 : 10 June 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Magistrate praised rioters who criminally damaged Legco (Taikungpao A6: 13 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Jimmy Lai’s Application to vary bail denied (Taikungpao A6 : 13 Jun 2020)

【Invited Activity】Association of Hong Kong & Macau Studies 3rd Annual Meeting (HK Video link:14 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Expressing Political Views in Judgements seriously undermines the rule of law (Wenweipao A11:15 Jun 2020)

【Newspaper Interview】Too lenient a court sentence will have no deterrent effect (Wenweipao A5: 20 Jun 2020)

【HK National Security Law】Pt. 3 (11 – 22 Jun 2020)

【HK National Security Law】Pt. 4 (23 – 28 Jun 2020)