YEAR 2022


【TV Interview】 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China Report Promulgation Conference (Xinhua News : 4 Dec 2022)

【Legal Forum】25th Anniversary Reunification One country two systems the Belt and Road Initiative Legal Conference 2022 (4 Dec 2022)

【TV Interview】 BNO passport holder has no right to seek Chinese consulate protection (Shenzhen Satellite News : 9 Dec 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Dec 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:12.30 NPCSC Interpretation The Final Say (Wenweipo : 24 Dec 2022)

【TV Interview】L Ma: 12.30 NPCSC Interpretation Reinforced the Central Government’s Determination in the Enforcement of the National Security Law (Phoneix TV:29 Dec 2022)

【TV Interview】In depth Analysis of the Jimmy Lai Case (Phoneix TV:30 Dec 2022)

【TV Interview】L Ma: 12.30 NPCSC Interpretation premised on the rule of law (Phoneix TV:31 Dec 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (16 – 31 Dec 2022)

【TV Interview】The Central People’s Government issued a number of policy initiatives in support of the common law system in Hong Kong (SZTV News:7 Nov 2022)

【Legal Forum】2022 Hong Kong Legal Week (HKCEC : 11 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Article】SAR’s Legal System Should not be subservient to UK Rule (Wenweipo A13:12 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Article】SAR’s Legal System Should not be subservient to UK Rule (China Daily 7:15 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Foreign Lawyer Defending National Security Charges Is Against Public Interest (Wenweipo A12 : 15 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Nov 2022)

【Media Interview】Rule of law, judicial independence still intact in HK: Chan Chak-ming tells int’l legal community (Legal Affairs EP14: 15 Nov 2022)

【Honour & Award】Dr Willy Fu conferred the “2022 Inspiring Hong Kong” Award (19 Nov 2022)

【TV Interview】Barrister expected NPCSC Interpretation in Jimmy Lai Trial (TVB News : 22 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : Foreign Barrister Should Not Be Admitted in National Security Cases (Wenweipo : 23 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Article】NPCSC Interpretation fully compatible with international principles (China Daily:30 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (16 – 30 Nov 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Oct 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen : Hong Kong’s promising future in absolving into the bigger plan of national development (Wenweipao A17 : 17 Oct 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen : CE’ s First Policy Address is political correct, full of sincerity and encouragement (Think HK : 20 Oct 2022)

【Legal Forum】One Country Two Systems & Basic Law Forum (Bauhinia Magazine : 31 Oct 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Oct 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Kacee Ting : HKSAR v Lai Man Ling (8 Sep 2022)

【TV Interview】Speech therapists jailed for 19 month for publishing seditious sheep village story book (Phoneix TV:10 Sep 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Sep 2022)

【Invited Activity】25th Anniversary of Reunification:The Law and You (HKCWD Women Association:18 Sep 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (16 – 30 Sep 2022)

【TV Interview】How Chinese sanctions penalise the Pelosi family? (Shenzhen Satellite TV News:7 Aug 2022)

【Legal Forum】2022 National Security Law Forum (Hua Jing Society: 11 Aug 2022)

【Legal Forum】“Hong Kong National Security Law Forum” (Wong Fung Ling Secondary School : 11 Aug 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (1 – 15 Aug 2022)

【Media Interview】No Imprisonment of Youth Convicted of Riot – Dr Willy Fu: Law Reform Needed ( Aug 2022)

【TV Interview】A Strong Rule of Law is Hong Kong’s Cornerstone (HK Satellite TV:19 Aug 2022)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong Barrister: Jury Trial Rightly Dispensed With for National Security Offences (Phoneix TV:22 Aug 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Aug 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Bright Future for Youth under the New Government (Think HK:1 Jul 2022)

【TV Interview】25th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification (CGTN Live Interview: 1 Jul 2022)

【TV Interview】25th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification (CCTV : 2 Jul 2022)

【TV Interview】25th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification:Basic Law Embodied the “One Country Two Systems” & Judicial Independence (Phoneix TV: 6 Jul 2022)

【Media Interview】Grenville Cross explores four areas of legal reform for new Govt (Legal Affairs EP12: 14 Jul 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Jul 2022)

【Invited Activity】Patroitism Education Forum (16 Jul 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : The Democratic Party Must Undergo Radical Change (Wenweipao A11 : 18 Jul 2022)

【Invited Activity】AHKMS 2022 Annual Academic Forum – “Dual Major Policy and HK Macao New Development” (19 Jul 2022)

【TV Interview】UN Human Rights Committee’s Report Ignorant of HK Constitutional Law (Phoneix TV : 29 Jul 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (16 – 31 Jul 2022)

【TV Interview】L Ma:Basic Law Art 23 Legislation Crucial but not a Priority (HK Satellite TV:1 Jun 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Jun 2022)

【Invited Activity】Taikungpao 120th Anniversary Celebration (HKCEC:12 Jun 2022)

【Invited Activity】The Success of the “One Country Two Systems” and Our Future Forum (Bauhinia Magazine : Grand Hyatt:16 Jun 2022)

【Newspaper Article】How Hong Kong revived from chaos and now moving on to prosperity (Bastille post:22 Jun 2022)

【TV Interview】Riot at Capitol Hill (Phoneix TV : 24 Jun 2022)

【TV Interview】25th Anniversary of Hong Kong Reunification (CGTN China 24 : 27 Jun 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 30 Jun 2022)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu:To ensure Stability and Prosperity, “Art. 23” Legislation is necessary (直新聞:8 May 2022)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong is Turning a New Page (Shenzhen Satellite TV:8 May 2022)

【TV Interview】Hong Kong‘s Chief Executive Election 2022 (CGTN Dialogue:9 May 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu: America’s Sanction is Hypocritical and a Defiance of the Rule of Law (Wenweipao A12: 13 May 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 May 2022)

【Media Interview】Barrister: YouTube’s removal of John Lee’s channel infringes freedom of information (Legal Affairs EP11: 23 May 2022)

【Legal Forum】25th Anniversary HKSAR Reunification Legal Forum (Organiser: Department of Justice:27 May 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 May 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Resignation of English Judges Will Not Weaken Our Rule of Law (Wenweipao A14 : 4 Apr 2022)

【【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Apr 2022)

【TV Interview】The Lee Government Should Strength HK’s positive image Internationally (Phoneix TV:15 Apr 2022)

【TV Interview】The Lee Government Should Revise the Outdated Official Secret Ordinance (Phoneix TV:15 Apr 2022)

【Media Interview】US Contravened International Human Rights in Freedom of Information in Banning John Lee’s YouTube Account (TKWW:20 Apr 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】 (16 – 30 Apr 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Mar 2022)

【Media Interview】Foundation Consultant Dr. Vitus Leung, Election Committee Member (Health Services) Sector, on Central Government’s Support to Fight Covid-19 (Legal Affairs EP09: 8 Mar 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Mar 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu: Netizens hinder government pandemic policy by cyberbullying (Wenweipao A10: 31 Mar 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Feb 2022)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Beware of Western Subotage In Our Fight Against Covid-19 (文匯報 A13 : 15 Feb 2022)

【Media Interview】Privacy Commissioner has ‘through-train’ power to probe against doxxing under amended ordinance (Legal Affairs EP07: 15 Feb 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 28 Feb 2022)

【TV Interview】”The Stand News” Explored (Phoneix TV: 5 Jan 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Jan 2022)

【Media Interview】All Religious Organisations Should Be Regulated (Taikungpao : 28 Jan 2022)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Jan 2022)