YEAR 2021


【Media Interview】Willy Fu:Donation to the 612 Fund Contravenes the National Security Law ( Sep 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen : Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China Suspected For Breaching National Security Law (Think HK : 7 Sep 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Comparative Analysis of Cyberbullying Law ( Sep 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Sep 2021)

【TV Interview】Macau Election 2021 (CGTN : The World Today : 16 Sep 2021)

【2021選委會選舉】(19 Sep 2021)

【TV Interview】Election Committee Election 2021 (CGTN China 24 : 20 Sep 2021)

【TV Interview】New Election Practice in HongKong (CGTN : Dialogue : 26 Sep 2021)

【Media Interview】The Offence of Subversion (評法論治 EP41: 1 Aug 2021)

【Public Statement】Statement On the Law Society Council Election (2 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Teacher’s Union Should Be Banned From Operation ( Aug 2021)

【Honours & Appointment】Prof Albert Chen GBS (Commemorial Plate Presentation : 5 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】The Official Secrets Ordinance & Espionage (評法論治 EP42 : 9 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Positive Effect of Patroit Ruling Hong-Kong (Silent Majority : 11 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Implementation of Patroit Ruling Hong-Kong (Silent Majority : 11 Aug 2021)

【TV Interview】Dissolution of the Teachers Union (TVB News : 11 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu : Teachers Union Cannot By Dissolution Obliviate Liability ( : 12 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Probition On Local Political Organisation Fostering Contact With Foreign Political Organisation (評法論治 EP43 : 13 Aug 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu : Civil Human Rights Front Cannot By Dissolution Obliviate Liability ( : 15 Aug 2021)

【TV Interview】Willy Fu:Dissolution of the Teachers Union (Phoneix TV 時事大破解 :17 Aug 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Andy Li Yu-hin was an aide of Jimmy Kai (Tong Media : 21 Aug 2021)

【TV Interview】Dissolution of the Civil Human Rights Front (Phoneix TV:22 Aug 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen : China’s 14th Five-Year Plan: A Great Opportunity For Hong Kong (Wenweipao A12 : 31 Aug 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Aug 2021)

【Press Release】Public Statement of Condemnation (Urgent) (1 Jul 2021)

【TV Interview】The First Year of National Security Law (CGTN Dialogue : 3 Jul 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:The HK National Security Law Stopped Chaos (Wenweipao A13 : 10 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】20210711_ of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China Should Be Banned By The Societies Ordinance ( : 11 Jul 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Jul 2021)

【Legal Political Forum】HK National Security Law Annual Review Symposium (Conrad : 16 Jul 2021)

【Legal Political Forum】HK National Security Law Annual Review Symposium (Conrad : 16 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】The Offence of Subversive Intention (評法論治 EP39: 16 Jul 2021)

【Open Letter】To US Consul General Re Sanction of Seven Liaison Office Deputy Directors (17 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】The Banned Apple Daily Publications Are Found in a New Website ( : 22 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】The Offence of Subversion (評法論治 EP40: 26 Jul 2021)

【Condemnation Notice】Franatics Threathened Judges Appointed to deal with National Security Law (28 Jul 2021)

【Honours & Appointment】All China Youth Federation Outstanding Member: Dr Louis Chen (28 Jul 2021)

【Invited Activity】Press Conference of the Founding of a New Think Tank (28 Jul 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : The First National Security Case Sets Precedent For Later Cases (Wenweipao A18 : 28 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】Crytocurrency Lending: A Forn of Insecure Securities (Taikung Wenwei Web: 28 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】Political Franatic Phone Intimidation On Judges ( : 28 Jul 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Leon Tong case Bears Out the Legislative Intent of the National Security Law (Wenweipao A15 : 29 Jul 2021)

【News Interview】Hong Kong Legal Sector Severely Condemn Political Franatic’s Intimidation of Judges (Phoneix TV : 29 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】Leon Tong Sentence Too Lenient : Appeal Warranted (HKCNA : 29 Jul 2021)

【Invited Activity】Greater Bay Area Law Examination (31 Jul 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 Jul 2021)

【Media Interview】Will Taiwan be the next battle ground? L Ma : The U.S. encourages Taiwan independence (真·建制:3 Jun 2021)

【Media Interview】Lawrence Ma : LAD Should Seek Second Opinion Before Granting Aid ( Jun 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu : LAD Should Randomly Select Counsel To Avoid Monopoly ( : 7 Jun 2021)

【TV Interview】Arrest of Illegal Protestors and The Presumption of Innocence (Now TV:8 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen:In Support of the New Chinese Counter Foreign Sanctions Law (Wenweipao A15 : 11 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Jun 2021)

【TV Interview】100th Anniversary of the CCP and HK Reunification (CGTN Live:15 Jun 2021)

【TV Interview】Court of Final Appeal Appointment of Foreign Permanent Judges (RTHK TV 視點31:15 Jun 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Paul Harris Should Be Disciplined for Gross Incompetency in Handling the “Ms K” Appeal ( : 15 Jun 2021)

【Legal Political Forum】Association of Hong Kong & Macau Studies Annual Forum 2021 (18 Jun 2021)

【TV Interview】202t (Phoneix TV:19 Jun 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu : Tanya Chan Should Be Punished For Breach Of the Social Gathering Ban ( : 22 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Deng Zhonghua proposed six requirements for patriots (Wenweipao A14: 23 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Barry Chin:Rioters Have a Twisted Set of Values (Singtao Daily A16:30 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 30 Jun 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Court of Appeal Rightly Dismissed Appeal of “Occupy Central” Defendants (Wenweipao A14 :3 May 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin : RTHK Documentary Director Bao Choy False Declaration Conviction [Pt. 1] (YouTube Channel:4 May 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin : RTHK Documentary Director Bao Choy False Declaration Conviction [Pt. 2] (YouTube Channel:5 May 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin : Child Neglect Resulting in Death : Liability of Parents and School (YouTube Channel:6 May 2021)

【Media Interview】Lawrence Ma : Opposition’s Deserved to be Jailed for Knowingly Inciting Participation in Unauthorised Assembly ( May 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Fugitive Ted Hui is an Insult to Public Conscion (Wenweipao A12 :11 May 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 May 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu: New Trial Mode Laid Down By National Security Law Confirmed (Wenweipao A12 : 22 May 2021)

【Public Announcement】Full Support for the Passing of the Improving Electoral System (Consolidated Amendment) Bill 2021 (27 May 2021)

【Media Interview】 Improving Electoral System Bill Puts Hong Kong Back on the Track (China News Agency : 27 May 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Patriot Rule Compliments the Policy of “One Country Two Systems” (Wenweipao A14 : 28 May 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma : Paul Harris Should Face Disciplinary Hearing For Incompetence (Tong Forum: 28 May 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu : Action Should Be Taken To Remove Illegal Structure at Claudia Mo’s Residence : ( : 28 May 2021)

【Public Announcement】Statement of Condemnation against Phone Threat on Judge Woodcock (29 May 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma : USA’s Real Objective is to Overthrow the CCP by Democratic Election (真·建制:30 May 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 31 May 2021)

【TV Interview】47 Defendants Committed to the High Court for Subversion Charge (Shenzhen Satellite TV:31 May 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Amendment to Annex I and II Necessary and Constitutional (Wenweipao A18 : 1 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu:Improvement to Election System Enchances Participation and Democracy (China News Agency:1 April 2021)

【Media Interview】Changes to election law enchances social, economic development: HK legal professional (GLOBALink : 2 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Improvement to HK Election System Has General Public Consesus (GLOBALink : 3 Apr 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Richard Tsun:Richard Tsun : Different Voting Rights in Company Share – An Everlasting Centainty (Singtao Daily A6 : 4 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Fugitive Andy Li Yu-hin Turned Prosecution Witness (HKGpao:8 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:RTHK Should Not Let Fugitive Andy Li Yu-hin’s Family to Imflame Public Sentiment (HKGpao:9 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Commission Office Yang Jiechi Appraised For His Remarks Made at the Alaska Summit (HKGpao:10 Apr 2021)

【Public Announcement】Foundation in Full Support of the Government’s Implementation of the NPCSC Amendment to Basic Law Annex I & II (13 Apr 2021)

【TV Interview】Government proposes to regulate incitement to cast ‘blank’ vote (CGTN Global Watch:14 Apr 2021)

【Public Announcement】Foundation in Full Support of the 4.15 National Security Education Day (15 Apr 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Apr 2021)

【【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu:Knowing Breach of Law Should be Severely Punished (Wenweipao A14 :17 April 2021)

【Media Interview】Jimmy Lai Should Be Guilty As Charged and Jailed (Taikungpao Media : 17 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu:8.18 Sentencing on Unauthorised Assembly Too Lenient ( April 2021)

【Media Interview】Lawrence Ma : UK’s New Law On Curbing Protest Further Stripped of Rights ( April 2021)

【Public Announcement】Foundation sternly condemn HKCTU and certain Student Unions’ smearing attack on “Xinjiang cotton” (23 Apr 2021)

【Public Announcement】Demand of Bar Chairman Paul Harris’ Resignation (26 Apr 2021)

【Radio Interview】Bar Association Controversy (RTHK3 Backchat Radio : 28 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin : Sentencing of Jimmy Lai for the Charge of Unauthorised Assembly (HKGpao:28 Apr 2021)

【Media Interview】Willy Fu:Civil Human Rights Front Should Be Guilty of Three Offence ( April 2021)

【Media Interview】Lawrence Ma : Foreign Powers Deploy Local Proxies to Run Their Subversive Scam (Tong Visual : 29 Apr 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(16 – 30 Apr 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen: Future Elections Must Elect Patriots (Wenweipao A14 : 1 Mar 2021)

【Legal-Political Conference】”Ruling By Patriots” Forum (Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House:1 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Analysis of Jimmy Lai’s Charge of Unlawful Assembly (HKGpao:1 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (CGTN Global Watch:2 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Louis Chen:All National Security Offence Suspects Should Be Prosecuted (Phoneix TV:3 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (Xinhua News Agency Globalink:3 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (Now TV 時事全方位:3 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (CGTN The Link:5 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (Xinhua News Agency Globalink:6 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (CGTN Zoom In:7 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】L Ma:Court of Final Appeal Upheld Stringent Bail Test For National Security Offences ( Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Electoral Reform (CNA-Asia News:8 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (CGTN Global Watch:9 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (China News Agency Global:9 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】On “Ruling By Patriots” (CGTN China24:9 Mar 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : Election Reform As Led By The Central Government Both Legitimate and Constitutional (Wenweipao A21 : 10 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Only Traitor Will Urge Foreign Sanctions on Hong Kong (HKGpao:10 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Electoral Reform (CGTN Global Watch:11 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Electoral Reform (CGTN World Today:11 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Former IPCC Expert Lost Credibility His Reckless Comment on Police (HKGpao:12 Mar 2021)

【Press Conference】Legal Sector In Support of NPC 3.11 Decision (13 Mar 2021)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:Former Legislator Ip Kin-yuen Has No Moral ! (HKGpao:14 Mar 2021)

【Newspaper Interview】(1 – 15 Mar 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Gu Minkang:Constructing a Chinese Style Democratic Election For Hong-Kong (Taikungpao:16 Mar 2021)

【Legal-Political Forum】Central Government’s Hearing On Electoral Reform (HKCEC: 16 Mar 2020)

【Media Interview】Barry Chin:UK Foreign Minister Interfered With Our Judiciary (HKGpao:16 Mar 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Louis Chen:National People’s Congress “3.11” decision Ensures Hong Kong’s Prosperity (Wenweipao A13: 19 Mar 2021)

【TV Interview】Willy Fu : Perfecting Hong Kong’s Electoral System (Phoneix TV : 22 Mar 2021)

【Newspaper Article】Willy Fu : Stop Paul Harris Using The Bar Association To Challenge Our Constitutional Order (Wenweipao A18: 23 Mar 2021)

【Press Conference】Human Rights Watch Issued Bias Report on Hong Kong (IPLSA : 23 Mar 2021)